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Jun 1, 2011

Eight-year-old boy with warts on fingers and face was brought to us for homeopathic treatment.

Chirag (name changed) had no clue what those eruptions on his fingers and the corner of his lips were about. All that the 8-year-old boy cared about was when he would get to go out and play with his friends. His mother, on the other hand, was very worried about these warty growths. She recalled that it started as one wart on the finger and he gradually kept getting more and more. The last wart that he developed was on his right knee.

Their family doctor suggested getting it cauterised but Chirag's mother wanted a safer option. That's why she got him to us. Chirag had no itching, bleeding or pain in the warts.

His case history was evaluated in great detail by the consulting doctor at Dr Batra's™. Chirag was otherwise quite healthy and had no history of any other complaints in the past. He was very fond of sweets and bread. His mother mentioned that urine was offensive and he passed hard stools every day, though there was no pain while passing the stools. Extremes of cold as well as hot weather were intolerable, and he was most comfortable in moderate temperature.

Very obedient and active by nature, Chirag would run around all day doing various kinds of errands for his family members. He stayed in a joint family and was the apple of everyones eyes at home. Chirag would seldom get angry and was loving by nature , his mother added that he was an intelligent child.

Based on his complaints of warts and the rest of his case history, Chirag was prescribed Causticum 200 by the consulting homeopath at the clinic. A month later, his mother reported that all the warts were gradually reducing in size. By the end of five months of regular treatment, all his warts had completely vanished. No new ones had come up in this while either. He was kept on medication for some more time to avoid any recurrence. Chirag has been free of all complaints thereafter and continues to remain healthy.