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Mar 29, 2011

Scars due to acne and post-acne darkening (pigmentation) affected Sameera badly.

Sameera was pursuing medical studies when she was affected by severe acne. The scars due to acne and post-inflammatory darkening (pigmentation) affected her skin and confidence very badly. She was almost on the verge of losing all hope when she visited our Koramangala clinic for treatment.

Sameera recalled that the last three years had seen her try various treatments for acne with no results. Her skin would get slightly better during her menstrual periods - only to get worse soon thereafter. She was intolerant of heat in general and would always feel better in a cool climate. She was hale and hearty otherwise and had no complaints pertaining to her health.

Her detailed case history was taken by the homeopathic consultant at Koramangala clinic. His analysis revealed that Sameera was an extrovert by nature, though she took time to mingle with others. Once she had reached a particular level of comfort with them, she would become very talkative - she loved to talk in general. Sameera was quite suspicious by nature and found it difficult to trust people. She would strive to achieve her goal by hook or by crook, given her ambitious nature.

Sameera was prescribed Lachesis 200 by the homeopathic doctor. He guided her on a proper skin care regime and explained what kind of foods to eat and which ones to steer clear of. A couple of months saw Sameera improve slowly but surely. Her outbreaks of acne grew less frequent and severe. As the treatment progressed further, her pigmentation began to fade and the scars became less prominent than before. At the end of about a year of treatment, she was glad that she could get rid of the blemishes effectively and safely with timely treatment at Dr Batra's™.