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Mar 16, 2010

7-year-old girl suffering from vitiligo was brought to Dr Batra's™ for homeopathic treatment.

When Kriti's (name changed) parents noticed white spots coming up on her eyelids, nose and right knee, their first reaction was to take her to a dermatologist. The dermatologist diagnosed this seven-year-old as suffering from Vitiligo and prescribed steroidal ointments that helped for some time; but later, the disease came to a standstill.

After they stopped the steroidal ointments, her parents noticed that her spots had started spreading. She was now developing spots that were bilaterally symmetrical. Her vitiligo had lasted for almost one year when they decided to consult us for the homeopathic treatment of her Vitiligo.

Along with vitiligo, Kriti was also suffering from mild asthma since two and a half years. She used to suffer from bouts of cough with thick whitish expectoration, which generally worsened during seasonal change, from exposure to dust and at night. These episodes would generally last for a week and get better with allopathic treatment.

Kriti had an average appetite and was particularly fond of chicken. She was averse to sweets. Her perspiration was very scanty in general. She had no complaints pertaining to bowels or urine. Her sleep was sound and refreshing.

A very friendly child in general, Kriti was quite sensitive by nature. She had a good memory and was excellent in her studies. She, however, was afraid of being alone to the point that she couldnt sleep alone in a room.

Kriti's mother had suffered from vitiligo in the past. Her father was hypertensive and her grandfather suffered from prostate cancer, hypertension and Ischemic Heart Disease. Her maternal grandmother was suffering from vitiligo and asthma.

Based on the case details, Kriti was prescribed her constitutional remedy by the consulting doctor. Initially, there were no appreciable changes in her vitiligo spots, although further growth of the spots had been halted. In addition, there were no new spots appearing now.

She took the medication regularly for another four months, after which gradual improvement was seen in the vitiligo spots. The spots on the upper eyelids were better by up to 60% and those around the nose by 50%. After further treatment for six months, there was a marked improvement in the vitiligo spots. At the end of two years of treatment, Kriti's vitiligo was completely gone.

Homeopathy also improved her immunity and she would not get asthmatic attacks any more. She did have a few episodes during the treatment, but she did not require conventional medicines and got completely better with homeopathic doses alone.