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Nov 3, 2009

A school teacher with scalp psoriasis lost all hopes of being cured until he sought treatment at Dr Batra's™

Mr Lankesh (name changed), 26 years of age, first came to our Indiranagar clinic with an expression of sadness and hopelessness on his face. He was suffering from scalp psoriasis, a condition in which the skin cycle gets altered to make the skin cells grow at a faster pace. This had resulted into thick, flaky dandruff that had worsened over a period of time. The scalp itched unbearably, bled at times and had a foul odour. He had consulted numerous doctors and tried almost every possible treatment that he could lay his hands upon, but in vain. All of them only offered temporary relief and over a period of time, the scalp psoriasis returned with a vengeance.

Shattered by the fact that his problem was incurable, he gave up treatment thinking that he had to put up with it all his life, accepting the disease as his destiny. Coaxed by a known acquaintance, he visited our clinic reluctantly as he thought it was merely a waste of his time and money. He was already undergoing huge financial difficulties due to his debts and did not want to be burdened all the more. A government teacher by profession, he earned a decent amount by which he supported his family. Besides, he was worried about his sister's marriage and the responsibilities that lay ahead of him. Nothing was going right and this problem added to his woes. He was so frustrated by his ailment that it created an unpleasant atmosphere at home. He believed that he had nothing to achieve in his life, showed disinterest in everything, and became aloof over a period of time. Moreover, it was embarrassing for him in school too.

After being educated about his disease, he was prescribed Natrum Mur 200 along with dietary modifications on the basis of his physical and emotional state. He was also advised to practice stress relieving techniques.

As the treatment progressed, his scalp cleared to a considerable extent within two to three months, which relieved him, but he had his own doubts about the longevity of the results. Further treatment cleared all these doubts with regard to recurrence and instilled a new found confidence in him. Now, when he walks into the clinic, he is no longer the same person who visited our clinic long back. He is a completely different man with hope in his sparkling eyes and praise on his lips for Homoeopathy and Dr Batra's