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Vitiligo… when skin loses its pigmentation
Vitiligo… when skin loses its pigmentation

Vitiligo… when skin loses its pigmentation…

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 Dr. Batra’s™  July 7, 2020

Anxious were parents of an 8 year young girl who suffered of white patches on various areas of the body. They said that these white spots would pose future problems in her life. They said that her entire life would be at stake because of these white patches. They lived in a society which was conservative and looked at theses patches as social evil. It was not only a stress for the small girl but a major stress for her parents too. Out of desperation in seeking cure and all the patches to return back to its original color they tried conventional treatments, then Ayurvedic medicines and performed all sorts of holy rituals too to get rid of the demon causing the white patches. But to their utter disappointment there was no relief in the symptoms and the patches kept increasing. Homeopathy was their only hope and last resort. After detailed case analysis she was given her constitutional medicine by the homeopath and was counseled by the doctor to help build her lost confidence. She was called after a month and her patches had stopped spreading. Within few months of continued homeopathic treatment the patches were all re-pigmented and she regained her lost confidence.

Vitiligo – skin disease…

White patches are a result of abnormal immunity. It is termed as Vitiligo in medical language. The main vitiligo symptom is de-pigmentation of the skin. It is a pigmentation disorder as it causes the pigment making cells /color giving cells of the skin to deteriorate to produce milky white patches. Exact cause of Vitiligo is unknown but the probable triggering factors are genetics, emotional trauma such as stress, anxiety, fear. Vitiligo can be associated with thyroid, diabetes or any other auto-immune disease. In Vitiligo there is a destruction of the skin pigment cells (melanocyte), which gives skin and hair it’s color through the formation of melanin (skin pigmentation). Melanin protects the skin from harmful effects of UV rays produced by the sun. Vitiligo patches can occur anywhere on the body.

How would Homoeopathy help in treating Vitiligo?

Homeopathic medicines are natural and have no side-effects unlike conventional medicine which could cause severe burns and blistering. Homeopathic medicine has long lasting results unlike short term results seen in conventional medicines. Homeopathic medicine is prescribed on individual case history so the underlying stress can be effectively treated with homeopathy which can bring about a positive result in the treatment of Vitiligo . If the disease is not controlled it can recur. Homeopathy helps to correct the melanin destruction thus prevents recurrence of the disease. Unlike skin grafts which could cause scarring, homeopathy has not external treatment except the sweet pills which cause no scarring. Homeopathic medicine helps triggering re-pigmentation and corrects the altered immune response. Associated diseases like thyroid and diabetes can also be controlled with homeopathic medicine and proper diet regime. Children happily take homeopathic medicines as they are sweet unlike bitter conventional medicines.

Self Help Tips

Don’t scrub the skin while having bath as it triggers new patches of vitiligo when vitiligo is in active phase. Protect your skin with a natural moisturizer and a good sunscreen as it helps guard the skin from harmful rays of the sun. Cosmetics which conceal white patches can be used after recommendation by your doctor.  Hydrate the skin by drinking adequate water. Include sesame seeds, brown grams and green leafy vegetables in your diet which help to revive pigment making cells and deal with Iron deficiency anemia. There are no particular diet restrictions in vitiligo. Having fish or milk does not cause vitiligo to increase. Practice de-stressing techniques to reduce stress. Expose the affected skin to early morning sunlight as they help maintaining good amount of Vit D3 and not the sunlight after 8am as they tend to burn the skin.