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Our patients love us
for what we do for them

  • Rubab

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Positive results. There is difference and improvement in my overall health. I am very happy with the treatment. Dr. Varma is also very nice and cooperative.

  • Najla Al Mansoori

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    I have continued my treatment with Dr. Kavita for one year. And I must say I have a lot of treatment both health and mentally. I am so happy to be one of Dr. Kavita’s patient. She is friendly and very helpful. Best doctor I have ever seen till now.

  • Samriddhi Juneja

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Dr. Kavita was patient in understanding my daughter’s problems and treated her well. We are happy with her treatment and recurrence of cold and cough has also reduced.

  • Neelu Taneja

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    I am happy with my hair growth. I appreciate Dr. Kavita’s concern during the whole treatment. She had been very kind and good during the treatment.

  • Solomon Kurien Thomas

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Dr, has been very kind to us. Each time she would explain our doubts and concerns with much patience. She has motivated the pt. to stick on to a healthy life style. Above all, we had seen the benefit of the treatment in my son’s life and height. We are happy and contented.

  • Sonaakshie Dravid

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    The treatment by Dr. Kavita was excellent. Sonaakshie’s health showed a very good improvement by the medicines. Dr. Kavita is an extremely good and well experienced doctor.