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Aishwarya Bhansali

About Doctor

Dr. Aishwarya Bhansali Shah has a clinical experience of over 5 years. She completed her graduation from one of the top 10 colleges of India- Smt. Chandaben Homoepathic Medical College, Mumbai. She was awarded at the International Beacon Debate, Homoeopathy by putting forward her cogent points and knowledge on the subject. She was also awarded for her Excellence service in Community health by the Rotary Club of Youth and bringing forward a new concept of dance & health for the children with psychological issues. Her strong case taking abilities and a classical approach to every case has helped her in treating many ailments such as allergic rhinitis, sinus headaches, common viral infections, gastric issues, skin ailments and addictions successfully. She is currently practising as Doctor of CAM at the prestigious Dr.Batra’s in DHCC, Dubai.