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Is your sitting job causing back problems? Know all its triggers.
Is your sitting job causing back problems? Know all its triggers.

Is your sitting job causing back problems? Know all its triggers.

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 Dr Batra’s™  July 7, 2020

It’s your first day at work and the only thing you complain of is how bad the chair is. You try and fix it, bring in back braces. Does it really work?

It’s difficult when you have back issues even in your 20’s and 30’s. It feels like the body is aging faster than normal. You’re not alone. The main culprit of the entire struggle is that you spend 8-9 hours sitting as up to 90% more pressure is put on your back when you sit.

Isn’t that too much?

Common Posture Mistakes: 5 top reasons for back pain

  1. Looking down at your screen, phone, or desk, and your head tips forward:

Your head weighs up to 5 kgs, the further and longer you lean your head forward, determines how much extra work your neck and upper-back need to do.

  1. Shoulders are rolled forward:

We tend to roll out our shoulders for hours, especially while watching our favorite television series. Isn’t it? But, do you know, this posture can lead to chronic back problems? Instead, you should keep your shoulders in a relaxed position.

  1. Elbows are too far away from your body:

Either your laptop is far from you or your chair’s height is not appropriate. Stretching your arms forward to type or write might not seem like much, but doing it for 8 or more hours per day may take its toll on your back.

  1. Holding your phone to your ear:

Multitasking is a positive attribute on your CV but not for your back. It creates a lot of tension on your neck and back muscles. Instead use earphones.

For those who are in 9-5 job, it is best advised to change their sitting position frequently. A helpful strategy is to drink lots of water; it will not only keep you hydrated but forces you to take washroom breaks often.

Best sitting position at a desk

  • Your eyes should be at the level of your computer.
  • Shoulders should be relaxed and low, not high and hunched up.
  • Lower arms should be parallel to the floor and rested on a support.
  • Feet should be flat on the floor.
  • Upper back should be straight. Lower back has a natural curve that should be supported by your chair.

Wrong sitting posture is one of the common causes of lower back pain. Besides sitting, low back pain is frequently brought on by sleeping in the wrong position, prolonged bending, heavy lifting, or even standing or laying down in a poor, rounded-back position.

Homeopathy for Backache

Every individual is unique, so should their treatment be. Homeopathy offers personalized treatment for backache based on the patient’s health history. 

Homeopathic medicines offer excellent back pain relief. Homeopathy can relieve the spasms of the back muscles and provide effective pain relief without any side-effects.

A case in point: Rutika, a 25-year-old was affected by chronic back ache. She had issues with sitting for long hours at work and also gradually started experiencing pain below the knee. She consulted Dr Batra’s Homeopathy for her back pain treatment that helped her relieve pain and reduced the occurrence.

Visit the link for more details on Backache and homeopathy:

Tips to prevent back pain

  • Prevent backache by maintaining a healthy weight, and follow back exercise programme.
  • Use an ergonomically-friendly chair, use back braces if necessary.
  • Keep your computer screen in alignment with the level of your eyes; take short walks, and short breaks.
  • When you want to lift something, always bend your knees and lift the object to avoid overstretching your muscles.

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