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Homeopathy treatment for Lichen Planus
Homeopathy treatment for Lichen Planus

Homeopathy treatment for Lichen Planus

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 Dr Batra’s™  July 7, 2020

Everyday a bump would appear on my hand and on scratching it would burst and become flat leaving behind a scar. I went to my local doctor and was told that it was lichen planus. I was prescribed an ointment and conventional medicine to reduce the itch. But it did not help much. Gradually my entire hand was full of purplish scars. I was much tensed. Then I read over the internet regarding lichen planus and was much convinced about homeopathic treatment results in lichen planus. I went to a homeopathic doctor and was prescribed homeopathic medicine after a detailed case study on how it started, etc. In a month’s time the itching was completely gone and new eruptions had also stopped. Gradually the scars had also lightened and now it’s almost 5 years that I do not have a single symptom of lichen planus.

Lichen planus is an autoimmune skin disorder. Factors such as genetics, allergens, stress or viral infections are said to trigger lichen planus but the exact cause of lichen planus has not yet been established.

Lichen Planus Symptoms

Lichen planus symptoms comprise of lesions or bumps which are purple in colour. On scratching these lesions they remain behind as flat tops on the skin. Upper extremities, lower extremities, face and mouth are the areas that are affected due to lichen planus. When lichen planus affects the oral cavity, the condition is termed as oral lichen planus.

Homeopathy treatment for Lichen Planus

As already stated lichen planus is an autoimmune skin disorder and homeopathic treatment for lichen planus is very effective.

Homeopathic medicine for lichen planus is given on the basis of individual case history which helps to restore the altered immune system and reduce the lichen planus symptoms.

Most individuals suffering from lichen planus may be experiencing some sort of stress related to the disorder or an emotional stress. In either types of stress homeopathic medicine for lichen planus will help to deal with stress more effectively.

The disease free period increases when lichen planus is treated with homeopathic medicine.

The overall control of the disorder is better if homeopathy is considered as the first choice of treatment for lichen planus.

Home care tips for Lichen Planus

  1. Don not itch the affected areas and apply  ice over the affected area as it will help to reduce  itching instantly
  2.  Maintaining good oral hygiene is very important if you are suffering from oral lichen planus.
  3.  Keep yourself well hydrated to prevent dryness and itching of the skin.
  4.  Use glycerine based soaps or shower gels so that the moisture of the skin is retained.
  5.  Do not scrub your skin while bathing as lichen planus can get worse on scrubbing with a luffa.
  6.  Use a non-irritating moisturiser for your skin as it will reduce the chances of skin getting dry and itchy.
  7.  Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol as they may hamper the treatment progress.
  8.  In case you are stressed then adopt de-stressing techniques like yoga or meditation. Getting stress free will accelerate the treatment progress.