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May 12, 2010

Retired man with recently developed vitiligo seeks solace in homeopathy.

Raghav (name changed), a very well-dressed, retired man of 68, walked into one of our clinics for the treatment of his vitiligo. He was suffering from white patches mainly over the neck, armpits and groin region since about one year. He had been on conventional treatment for the same but the spots only continued to increase in spite of this. As a final resort, he decided to start homeopathic treatment. 

Raghav was very anxious by nature and used to get worried over small things. The appearance of white spots on his skin only added further to his worries. 

He came from a middle class family and was third among his siblings; emotionally, he had been very close to his mother. He had shared a formal relationship with his father who was strict in nature. Raghav had always been good at studies in school. He also enjoyed his job. 

Raghav stayed with his wife and children. His children were well educated and well settled. When asked to describe the most stressful event in his life, he narrated the incident when he was put in jail for his servant fault and had to spend several hours in jail. Apart from this, there was no major stress in his life, since he avoided putting himself in unusual situations and followed a very methodical and routine way of life. 

He would get angry if some one tried to cheat him and used to retaliate. As a hobby, he liked to repair the electronic things in the house which were not working fine. 

Raghav had a normal appetite and he was particularly fond of fish. His bowels, urine, sleep were all satisfactory. His palms and soles used to remain moist with sweat, irrespective of the season.

Raghav also suffered from pain in the left hip joint and high blood pressure. He was on conventional medication for the same. 

After a detailed history, Raghav was examined thoroughly with wood lamp, a special UV light that helps to detect the earliest changes in vitiligo, new spots as well as repigmentation signs. His case was worked out by the consulting homeopath at Dr Batra's™ and a constitutional medicine was prescribed to him along with advice on diet, skin care and some stress-relieving exercises to ease his anxiety.

Within a few months of starting the treatment, new patches stopped appearing and the existing ones showed signs of repigmentation. Although he had few new spots developing occasionally, by the end of two years, most of his patches were healed. In addition, he found significant relief in his symptoms of hip joint pain. Today, Raghav is very happy with the results and plans to continue the treatment till all the spots disappear completely.