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Jan 9, 2010

Psoriasis since a young age had caused a lot of stress to a 30-year-old man who sought homeopathy at Dr Batra's™

Sumeet Kumar (name changed) was only 16 years old when he was diagnosed with psoriasis. When he visited Dr Batra's™ for treatment at the age of 30, it had become a part of his life.

Sumeet had red, raised, thick lesions with thick silvery scales all over the body and there was a lot of itching. The eruptions were spread over his trunk, back, legs, scalp and hands, almost all over the body. There was no joint involvement but his nails were pitted due to psoriasis.

On enquiring about the onset of psoriasis, it was found that he developed it at a time when he was in a very stressful condition. Being under constant stress due to his family matters and also due to his psoriasis, it was becoming a difficult task to lead his day-to-day life.

During a detailed evaluation of his history, it was found that since childhood, he had been subjected to a lot of pressure to perform well in studies. Later, there had been a lot of tension in the house due to his father being in an extra-marital relationship. Added to this was a major financial problem that their family was facing. Sumeet was extremely unhappy due to the situation, especially since his mother was profoundly aggrieved with the scenario. His mother and sister's decision to end their lives came as a big shock to him and he somehow managed to convince them otherwise, assuring that he would bear all responsibilities himself. However, this assurance did not last long and his mother and sister finally took the big step to end their lives. Severely depressed after this incident, his skin condition started getting worse. 

Sumeet's general features like appetite, thirst, stool, urine were normal. He was very choosy about his food in general and had a strong liking for tomatoes and okra. He had a preference for cooler climate and was not very comfortable in warm weather. 

Based on the details of his case, he was prescribed his constitutional remedy. As the treatment progressed over a period of time, his skin eruptions cleared gradually to a considerable extent within two to three months. This relieved him considerably from the stress of the disease as well as calmed down his mind. Further treatment cleared most of his eruptions and he was now able to concentrate on his career as well as his work. Today, Sumeet is a very happy person, leading a good life professionally and personally.