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Nov 12, 2009

Housewife with lichen planus seeks treatment at Dr Batra's™ for her complaints.

39-year-old Seema Naik (name changed) reported to Dr Batra's™ for the homeopathic treatment of lichen planus. She had been suffering from this condition for the last one year before she came to us for treatment.

Her complaints started with itching, which she had since the last 11 years. She had taken homeopathic treatment for four years, which she discontinued after finding no improvement. The lesions of lichen planus had appeared one year ago as small, discreet, dry, purplish raised spots on the arms with itching. The lesions gradually started spreading over her legs, thighs, hands, scalp and other parts. There was a lot of scaling from the lesions. She had a large number of lichen planus lesions on her body when she came to us for treatment.

Along with the lichen planus, she had recurrent cold and cough with profuse nasal discharge and nasal blockage. She was also allergic to prawns, beetroot, soaps, synthetic clothes and dust since childhood.

Her general features such as appetite, thirst, urination were normal except that she used to get loose stools whenever she ate outside food. She would sweat excessively all over. She was very fond of sweets in general. Seema could not control her eating habits, especially eating junk food, knowing that it might increase her weight.

Being a lazy person by nature, Seema didn't like any physical activity. She would prefer to finish her work quickly and rest thereafter. She always liked to keep her things neat and tidy.

Having a good family life, she didn't have to face any kind of stress as such, but due to her skin disease, she used to be a little stressed and worried.

In general a happy-go-lucky person, Seema would hardly get angry, but whenever she lost her temper, it was difficult for her to control it. She was an emotional person and used to take time to mingle with people. Anticipation over the future was always on her mind. She was always scared of the dark since childhood, hence she feared sleeping in the dark room.

There was no history of lichen planus in the family. Her mother suffered from bronchial asthma.

Based on her history, the consulting doctor at Dr Batra's™ prescribed her constitutional remedy. After starting homeopathic treatment, Seema started experiencing improvement in her symptoms along with a marked reduction in the lesions. With continued treatment at Dr Batra's™, she experienced lasting relief from her lichen planus over a period of one year and was very satisfied with the results.