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Dec 26, 0009

Patchy hair loss (alopecia) had caused a lot of anxiety to this young lawyer who approached us for treatment.

Reema (name changed) was all of 26 years and practicing law when she noticed some bald patches coming up on her scalp. She was also losing a lot of hair in general since a year. Filled with anxiety and doubt whether her condition would get better or not, she approached Dr Batra's™ for treatment.

Reema informed the consulting doctor that she had tried all sorts of treatment but did not get any relief in her complaints. She had around six or seven bald patches of variable sizes on the scalp since four months, more on the right side of the head. The scalp appeared normal in these patches, though she had some itching in these spots.

A detailed case taking revealed that she also had irregular menses since puberty and she was putting on a lot of weight. Recurrent cold and cough had been a part of her life since many years now. Every three or four months, she would come down with a cold that would last almost two weeks.

Peculiarly, Reema was very fond of sweets and averse to peanuts. Her appetite, thirst, bowel movements were all normal and she had no complaints pertaining to the same. She was sensitive to cold in general and would prefer warm weather. Her sleep would be very disturbed and unrefreshing, no matter how tired she would be. She would often keep tossing about in bed at night trying hard to get some sleep.

While trying to understand the cause of her illness, it was brought to light that her father had passed away in a tragic accident some years ago. She was very close to him and being the eldest daughter, she lit the pyre at his funeral. The grief of his death had been with her ever since and she had still not been able to come out of it. She had now become very irritable and would lose her temper easily. Whenever she got angry, she would prefer to move out of the room till she would cool down. 

Reema mentioned that she had become pessimistic about life and had a feeling of hopelessness now. She had no energy to fight with all the obstacles in life and had a lot of negative feelings about life in general. 

After studying her case in detail, the consulting doctor prescribed Natrum Muriaticum for her complaints. Within two months of starting homeopathic treatment, Reema started noticing small growth on the bald patches. This gradually got better and within 16 months of treatment, all her bald patches had hair. The treatment not only helped her to get back her hair but also to regain peace of mind in life. She gradually started noticing that she was no longer pessimistic as before and had come to terms with life now. Her sleep improved significantly and her outlook towards people and life was becoming positive, much to her own surprise. Today, she is glad she took the right decision to take homeopathy and that too at the right time.