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May 15, 2010

Chronic acne eruptions were costing this IT professional his self-esteem

He decided to start homeopathy.

Acne was affecting the confidence as well as work performance of Nikhil (name changed), a 24-year-old IT professional, when he was referred to Dr Batra's™ clinic by one of his friends. Nikhil had tried all sorts of local applications and creams, all in vain. Troubled by constant depression and a dipping self-esteem, he sought hope in homeopathy treatment and decided to visit Dr Batra's™.

The consulting homeopath at Dr Batra's™ took a look at Nikhil's case in detail, wherein he described his problem of acne, which he had since the last two years. Small pustular eruptions would crop up one after another on his face, leaving dark marks and scars on his face. His eruptions were limited to his face and there was no involvement of the neck, back or shoulders. He did not suffer from dandruff. He did mention (on being asked) that his diet was irregular and he ate outside food very often.

Nikhil was an eggetarian with a strong liking for spicy foods and south-Indian dishes. His thirst was less than normal, and his bowel and bladder functions were regular. His tolerance of cold climates was not very good and he would feel more comfortable in warm weather.

Nikhil was a calm and composed person in general who didn't get annoyed easily. He was very dedicated towards his work and would work for almost 12-14 hours each day. He was confident and ambitious, and was pursuing MBA with zeal to see himself at the top management level. Nikhil was not comfortable sharing his feelings with others, though he was very friendly by nature and loved to be with his friends. An optimistic and committed person, he had the attitude of a perfectionist and he desired perfectionism from his subordinates as well.

After taking the case in details and analyzing the same, the consulting doctor at Dr Batra's™ prescribed him the constitutional remedy for his acne. Over a period of time, he showed very good signs of improvement. The new eruptions reduced to a great extent and the existing acne cleared up as well. The dark marks, which had appeared following the acne, also started fading gradually. He continued with the treatment for two years and at the end of it, Nikhil got rid of his acne. Today, he is very happy that he started treatment at the right time and regained his self esteem.