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Dec 15, 2009

5-year-old girl was diagnosed with dengue fever and got cured with homeopathic treatment.

Being an existing patient at  Dr Batra's™ and undergoing treatment for bronchial asthma with good response, 5-year-old Anita Roy (name changed) was brought to the clinic one day for acute fever. Her parents reported that she had complaints of fever with chills since one day. Anita also had generalized bodyache and weakness. Her appetite was poor due to nausea and pain in the abdomen.

A thorough physical examination was done, and she was advised to get a complete blood count and platelet count checked. Reports indicated that she had pancytopenia (i.e., reduction in white blood cells and platelet cells in the blood). Her white blood cell count was 3,800/cu mm (Normal = 4000 to 11000/cu mm) and her platelet count was 1,10,000 /cu mm (Normal = 1.5 lacs to 4.5 lacs/cu mm). Her ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate) was also high (30 mm/hr) which was indicative of an acute infection. 

On the basis of these blood reports and examination, she was advised further specialised investigations, including IgG and IgM antibodies for dengue. Her blood reports came positive for dengue fever. Thus, she was diagnosed to have dengue fever. Dengue is a viral infection caused by the 'aedis egypti' mosquito and in this disease, the platelet cell count in blood drops considerably. Thus, there can be severe bleeding (internal or external) which can even lead to the death of the patient.

A detailed history was taken and on the basis of her symptoms, she was prescribed an acute remedy for her complaints. Anita's vital parameters like temperature, pulse, urine output, etc., were monitored regularly on a daily basis for a few days. She was thoroughly examined during every follow up to check for any bleeding. Her platelet count was tested every two days. 

She gradually started showing improvement in terms of fever, malaise and bodyache. On the eighth follow-up, she had no fever or tenderness in the abdomen. Her nausea was almost gone and she was looking much better in general. Her platelet count had increased and come to back within the normal range (Platelet count = 4,38,000/cu mm). Blood reports this time indicated that there were no dengue antibodies in the blood. Her white blood cell count also improved to reach 8,900/cu mm. ESR came down to 16mm/hr, which was another good sign. Thus, she was cured of dengue fever safely and gently through timely homeopathic treatment without requiring any hospitalisation. Her parents are glad they took the right decision at the right time. 

Anita continues to take treatment for bronchial asthma with us and is she is much better in this aspect too.