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Jun 25, 2011

20-year-old Sophia suffered from allergic rhinitis for many years and found relief with homeopathy.

It had been five years since Sophia, aged 20, started suffering from attacks of allergic rhinitis. Any change of climate, the winter season and dust would trigger an attack of constant sneezing that would subside only after an anti-allergic tablet. Sophia did not think that there would ever be a solution to such a problem. She thought she might have to live with these allergies for the rest of her life. It was then that her father read about the wonderful effect of homeopathy in treating allergic rhinitis he then decided to start homeopathy treatment for her at Dr Batra's™.

Sophia was otherwise quite healthy and had no other health complaints. No one in her family suffered from major health problems either. During case-taking, Sophia mother remarked that she had become dull in her studies of late; earlier she was fairly good, but after the advent of her allergies, she had slowed down and had problem focusing. She barely managed to pass in college since she would easily forget whatever she would study. Sophia was also losing out on her confidence. She would, however, like to take part in extra-curricular activities at college.



Sophia was fond of chicken, fish and sweets. She was averse to spicy foods and would mostly be constipated passing stools every alternate day. She was vey indecisive in nature, and afraid of dark and water.



Based on her history, Sophia was prescribed Baryta Carb 200 by the consulting doctor at Dr Batra's™ and was asked to follow up after a month. On her follow up, Sophia informed us that her cold been only slightly better this month. With continued medication, over a period of few months, Sophia allergic attacks became less frequent and much less severe. She could easily give up all her anti-cold and anti-allergic medication without much problem.