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“Remember those luscious locks I had once upon a time? You fell for them, didn’t you honey?

“Yes darling, I did. If only you didn’t fall for that bandana you tied around your head often! I think that ruined it and left you with hardly any hair on the head.”

Is it really the bandana that proved to be a curse for her voluminous crown? Well, I would say that hair loss befalls all equally; however, the reasons of why you may be losing them could differ. I would advise consulting an expert in the field to reveal your hair tales. Meanwhile, the myths below are not reasons for hair loss.


  • Hat On, Hair Off

Different kinds of headgears have been in vogue over the years and many people are fond of sporting one. However caps and hats are infamously accused of causing hair loss. Luckily, this is a myth. The only rare circumstance in which hats or caps or any headgear can contribute to hair loss is when it is worn too tightly around your scalp, causing undue stress and pull to the roots of your hair and this can lead to hair loss. Another reason is if the hat is not clean, the dirt can clog hair follicles. This can cause hair fall.

  • Too Much Shampoo, Too Much Hair Loss

Well, too much of anything is not advisable. But when it comes to shampooing, it is often the manner in which you shampoo that can cause hair loss more than the frequency of shampooing. Rubbing your scalp harshly while shampooing can weaken the roots and act as a cause of hair loss. In fact, hair should be gently washed as often as needed to keep the scalp clean. A clean scalp will in turn aid in hair fall control.

  • Is It Really Mother’s Gift?

It is a popular myth that hair loss is inherited from the mother. Genetics is one of the most common hair loss causes. It is, however, not restricted to any particular gender. You can inherit it from either side of your family.

  • An Inevitable Sign of Ageing

Since ancient times hair loss has been seen as a sign of ageing. Unfortunately it is not entirely true. In fact male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness is a progressive condition and can start as early as your puberty years. Other conditions like alopecia areata, trichotillomania, traction alopecia and so on are also not restricted to any particular age-group.

  • Stressing Your Tresses Away

Stress is very well-known as the villain of your beautiful locks. However, your day-to-day stress does not cause immediate hair loss. When your body has gone through any major traumatic event, like childbirth, loss of a loved one, and so on such emotional stress can lead to premature shedding. In such cases, the hair loss usually subsides once the stressful event passes.

  • Hair Cuts For Hair Growth

The most common myth related to hair is that cutting your hair regularly stimulates hair growth. Sorry to break your bubble but hair cut is a completely superficial process and hair growth depends on number internal factors working in your favour. However haircuts do help to get rid of split ends and make the hair appear voluminous and healthier.

  • Pluck A Grey Hair; Two More Take Its Place

You would’ve heard often that plucking your grey hair leads to the growth of more grey hair. Luckily, this isn’t true. What you do to one hair follicle does not affect the neighboring follicles. What it does do is something far worse. Plucking your hair damages the hair follicle which can lead to hair thinning and reduced hair growth. So if you wish to have hair on your head, grey or otherwise, then you better let the poor grey hair stay. After all, something is better than nothing!


The baap of all myths of hair loss is that it is a cosmetic problem. Hair loss is often a reflection of your internal health. You should therefore actively seek medical help if you are suffering from abnormal hair loss. When it comes to hair loss treatment, homeopathy can work wonders. Homeopathic medicines for hair loss are natural and safe. There can be many possible hair loss causes like genetics, hormonal changes, dietary changes, seasonal changes, and so on. Homeopathic treatment for hair loss identifies each of these causes in an individual and treats these conditions to ensure you get long-term relief from your hair loss woes.

Rise above the myths and slay the hair game. Because why the hair not?