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Can hair loss in women be treated?
Can hair loss in women be treated?

Can hair loss in women be treated?

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 Dr Batra’s™  July 7, 2020

About one-third of women globally experience hair loss at some time in their lives. Hair loss in women often has a greater impact on them than it does on men, obviously because it's less socially acceptable for women to lose hair. It can severely affect a woman's emotional well-being and quality of her life. However, the good news is that hair loss in women can be treated. 

However, hair loss requires a personalized approach to the treatment. Any effective hair fall treatment should therefore be based on factors like the extent of hair loss, the grade of baldness, the condition of your hair and scalp and the root cause of hair loss.

Cause of hair loss: An important factor for an effective hair fall treatment

There are many potential causes of hair loss in women, some of them being medical conditions, certain medications and also physical or emotional stress. Most often women take a salon treatment or try to arrest hair fall with an anti-hair fall shampoo. However, remember that a salon treatment or a hair product will only be superficial, and will not treat the root cause of hair loss. Hair loss can be effectively treated only by scientifically diagnosing the underlying medical conditions and treating them accordingly.

Hair loss in women is primarily triggered by hormonal imbalance in the body, which occurs due to medical conditions like anemia, thyroid, ovarian cysts (PCOS), or menopause. Many women experience hair loss after pregnancy, again due to hormonal changes that take place during pregnancy. Also, when the ‘hair-protective’ female hormone oestrogen falls below the normal levels, hair loss can occur, as low levels of oestrogen ‘ups’ the levels of the male hormone testosterone in the body, which triggers  hair loss.

Hair loss in women is also caused due to other reasons like stress, physical trauma like surgery or certain illnesses. Dramatic weight loss over a short period of time can also trigger hair loss.

Female pattern baldness, one of the most common types of hair loss in women is genetic, which means the problem tends to run in families and is passed on from one generation to the other. 

Any type of hair loss, genetic or hormonal, needs proper medical evaluation and treatment. It is therefore suggested that you visit a homeopathic trichologist to understand your type of hair loss and effective treatment for it. The sooner the treatment is started, you have better chances of recovery.

Homeopathy treatment for hair loss

Homeopathy works excellent for hair loss in women because it goes to the root of hair loss problem to treat it. It is a customized medicine. What it means is that every women suffering from hair loss is given a different medicine, which is specific to her type of hair loss and is suggested considering the root cause of it. It is not a one-size-fits-all. For example, if hair loss is triggered by hormonal issues like PCOS, homeopathic treatment will be targeted in treating this underlying medical disorder to take care of your hair loss problem. Watch Padma Shri Recipient Dr. Mukesh Batra talk on Hair Loss in Women, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment on

 In addition, homeopathic medicines also help to nourish the hair follicles, bring a mind-body balance and improve your immunity. One of the most important benefits of homeopathy is that it has no side-effects. It is absolutely natural.

So, why still treat hair loss with shampoos and salon treatment when now you can treat it safely and effectively with homeopathy?