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Homeopathy treats menopausal problems safely

Nearly 70% women experience menopausal symptoms. Menopause refers to the permanent stoppage of menses, between ages 45 and 55. A normal functional event...

Holistic chill pills for urban ills

There’s a glitzy buzz of living in big cities. Yet, city life is quite like Bollywood’s most famed flicks — a story of people...

Hair loss - get to the root, webinar

Presenter- Question: So, it comes from Mr. Dikpal Chauhan from Indore. He says, I would like to know how I can stop my hair fall.

Homeopathy clears acne from the inside-out

Pimples, or acne, is a woman’s most dreaded beauty defect — an insult to their self-esteem, so to speak. No woman would want 'pimply'...

Homeopathy treats children’s allergies

Millions of children suffer from allergic illnesses. About 12 per cent of them below age seven are allergic to certain foods. Allergies are one of the...

Hair loss in men

Hair loss refers to excessive loss of hair from the scalp. It is customary to lose some hair each day as part of the cycle of growing new hair and...

Homeopathy is a woman’s preferred healthcare choice

Homeopathy is gentle, humane medicine. It understands a woman’s psyche better than any other treatment approach. It evaluates a woman’s...

Hair loss treatment for women

The best way to think about the manner in which hair grows is to picture a garden. How well the trees and plants grow in a garden is completely a result...

Homeopathy treats asthma safely and surely

Asthma is a psychosomatic disorder — triggered by allergens, dysfunctional relationships, domestic violence and stress. It is a global problem....

Homeopathy for the skin

Your skin is the mirror of your inner health. Different types of skin problems depict various underlying ailments which, if not treated on time could...


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