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All AboutcCervical spondylosis

Do you feel acute pain in the neck at times? Do the joints in your neck area keep causing trouble? This is no ordinary muscle pull, but a medical...

Homeopathy treats anger and anxiety gently

Homeopathy suggests that illness, or disease, is internal imbalance which first presents itself at our most fundamental levels. Illness, according to...

Top 20 women health concerns - women ailments

Next on the calendar is International Women’s Day, which marks the day of celebration and recognition of all women across the globe.

Homeopathy calms the heat of summer ailments

It’s summer time. The temperature is anything but bearable. Well, it also looks like nature’s 'thermostat', which regulates our bodyâ€â...

Homeopathy treats allergic problems

Brijesh (name changed), a 29-year-old journalist, reported that he was allergic to everything, including air. He said he had relentless itching around...

Homeopathy helps us to stay naturally healthy

Our body is smarter than we all think. It can heal itself when in distress — with gentle medicinal stimulation. Physical illnesses can affect our...

Homeopathy treats childhood asthma safely and effectively

DEV (12) visited our clinic with asthma-like symptoms. His mother told us that her son had had the distressing problem since age six. He was using...

Homeopathy treats even before a diagnosis is made

Homeopathy has long recognised that merely diagnosing an illness is not everything, though this is an important constituent. The reason is simple.

Manage stress effectively with holistic homeopathy

Vikram (34) suffered from profound stress, trepidation and anxiety. During case-analysis, Vikram reported that his anxieties made him “freezeââ‚...

Homeopathy treats excessive, unwanted sweating

We are an extremely adaptive species. We are constantly evolving and maintaining our balance and harmony. This process is constant. For example, in the...


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