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Alopecia Areata Treatment in Homeopathy
Alopecia Areata Treatment in Homeopathy

Alopecia Areata Treatment in Homeopathy

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 Dr Batra’s™  July 7, 2020

Alopecia Areata is an immune disorder of hair which causes patchy hair loss. This condition is not life threatening but it can be emotionally disturbing. Alopecia areata affects both men and women of any age.

Alopecia areata causes

Causes of alopecia areata include genetic history of a family member who has suffered from this condition earlier. It can also be associated with atopy, thyroid disorders or diabetes.

Alopecia areata could trigger in individuals who suffer from grief, sadness, depression, loss of a loved one or anxiety.

Alopecia Areata Symptoms

Alopecia areata appears as a coin shaped smooth patch with short and easily extractable hair. This disorder not only affects the scalp but it can also affect the hair all over the body. When it affects the entire body, the condition is termed as Alopecia Universalis.

Alarming signs of alopecia areata include severe hair loss, rapid increase in new patches, and spreading of existing patches. The prognosis of the treatment would become weak if a person with alopecia areata is also suffering from thyroid disorder, atopic disease and more in cases who have lost hair from the lower margin of the back of head which is known as ophiasis pattern.

Alopecia treatment in Homeopathy

  1. Alopecia areata being a hair disorder caused due to a weak immune system has good scope when treated with homeopathic medicine.
  2. International studies show that homeopathic medicines are effective in treating hair loss, without any side effects.
  3. Homeopathy remedies are selected and customized on the basis of your individual case history.
  4. Homeopathy effectively treats the underlying cause of hair loss such as anaemia, thyroid disorder, etc, thereby controlling the condition.
  5. Homeopathy is safe and easy to use.

Self Help

Hair requires good amount of protein to remain healthy and grow well, hence include proteins like soya, fish, eggs, chicken, beans and legumes in your daily diet.

Have good amount of fruits and green leafy vegetables in your diet daily for a shiny hair.

Adding nuts in your diet will provide essential fatty acids which make your hair strong from its roots.

Hydrate yourself adequately by drinking good amount of water daily.

Avoid smoking it would be great if you can give up smoking as it could lead to hairloss.

Work on your stress levels and try relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation.

Chuck out refined and processed food from your diet which slows down the process of healing. - Also Read - Also Read - Also Read - Also Read - Also Read