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6 Common Myths about Hairloss
6 Common Myths about Hairloss

6 Common Myths about Hairloss

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 Dr. Batra’s™  July 7, 2020

There are many myths regarding hairloss. Hair loss is quite tricky to tackle. Partly the reason for this is there is a lot of misinformation surrounding the topic. In an effort to clear some of this confusion, we've chalked down 6 most common hair loss myths.

  1. Hair thinning happens with age

This is not true. Hair thinning can happen as early as twenties. It all depends on a variety of factors such as lifestyle, stress, medical problems like hypothyroid, diabetes, PCOS (in females), etc. To know the exact cause of hair thinning, consulting an expert would be of great help. 

       2. Hair Loss is permanent

This is not true for all individuals who suffer from hairloss. Hairloss are of different types. Telogen effluvium is reversible condition in which hair falls out after a stressful experience like child birth, crash dieting, illness like fever, etc. Male patterned baldness and female patterned baldness which is also called as androgenetic alopecia is a permanent baldness though. The earlier you treat it the more you can delay the progress of baldness. Similarly an individual suffering from alopecia areata (patchy hairloss) can be treated and it is reversible if it is the non-scarring types. But if it the scarring type i.e. it appears to look like a burnt skin then getting back lost hair is impossible.

     3. Men suffer from hairloss more than women

This is untrue. Hairloss in women is just as common in men. It is more apparent in men because they are not as conscientious as women about hiding the bald patch.

     4. Brushing your hair 100 times a day could make your hair thicker

You must have probably heard that brushing your hair 100 times a day could make your hair thicker as it would stimulate blood flow to your scalp or boost hair growth? This is untrue. Instead brushing your hair so many times could cause friction in the hair strands and could lead to damage and breakage of hair making it lusterless and frizzy.

   5. Shampooing frequently makes hairloss worse

This is not true. Just as we use soap to clean our body daily, shampoo is the liquid soap for our scalp. Shampoo is used so that it can easily spread on the scalp and clean our scalp gently. However, shampoos should be well chosen and of a good quality to help our tresses remain smooth and shiny. When we color our hair, a colour protect shampoo is advised so that it can hydrate the hair strands and minimize the damage of a hair dye on the hair shaft. Dry, frizzy hair is not always due to using a shampoo. There are varieties of factors which cause dryness of hair like deficiency of vitamin D3, hypothyroidism, using very hot water to wash hair, etc. If an individual has a tendency to develop an oily scalp or sweats a lot in scalp needs shampooing as the sweat and oil are a growth medium for fungus in the scalp.

  6. If you use the same shampoo, it will eventually stop working

This is untrue. Our grandmother’s are using shikakai since ages to wash their hair and have beautiful hair even at such an old age. Using the same shampoo would not stop working on your scalp. But if you have coloured your hair or are often using hot tools on your hair which are known to dry your hair, then changing to a hydrating shampoo would help you to keep the dryness and frizzy hair strands at bay.

Before assuming things and making the condition of your hair worse, we would advise meeting our experts to help you rule out the cause of your hair loss and help you with the most suitable treatment.