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10 Tips to Control Hairfall
10 Tips to Control Hairfall

10 Tips to Control Hairfall

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 Dr. Batra’s™  July 7, 2020

The first approach of treating a bad hairfall is definitely consulting a specialist and ruling out the cause of hairfall. But other than the treatment for hair fall from a specialist, the below mentioned hairfall control tips would help in better treatment progress.

  1. Trim your hair in time. Preferably 3-4 months for women and every month for men. This will help to get rid of split ends and frizz and to give you the healthy look.
  2. Use a wide toothed comb to detangle hair. Avoid using thin toothed combs since they damage the hair shaft.
  3. Hair accessories like hair pins, clips and rubber bands can break the hair if used too tightly. If you want to use hairpins, use those with smooth, ball tipped surface. Hair clips should preferably have spongy rubber padding where they make contact with the hair. Rubber bands should be snag-free.
  4. Prolonged exposure to the sun can do significant damage to your hair so grab your umbrella or wear a hat or scarf whenever you step out in the sun.
  5. Rubbing wet hair vigorously with a towel is one of the commonest reasons for frizzy hair. Pat your hair dry gently with a towel for best results.
  6. It’s great to style your hair on occasions but avoid overusing styling products, certainly not more than two products at a given time.
  7. Unless you have extremely greasy hair, avoid washing hair everyday as it strips the hair of its natural oils and makes the hair look dry, brittle and damaged. Determine the best frequency of hair wash in your case and stick to it.
  8. Blow dryers, hot irons and curlers are great to style your hair, but make sure you know how exactly to use them. If you don’t know then avoid their use, rather than end up with burnt hair.
  9. For all those who love swimming, do not forget to take a shower and rinse your hair properly after you get out of the pool because chlorine in pool water can be damaging for hair.
  10. Get a good diet. Nourish your body with a healthy, balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals and watch your tresses shine with pride. Consume good amount of fruits, vegetables and nuts in your diet. Drink adequate water.