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Your hair reveals your health
Your hair reveals your health

Your hair reveals your health

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 Dr. Batra's™  July 7, 2020

Hair has more to it than what appears on the surface. Our hair is not just a dead protein; it is a pointer to what is happening deep inside our body and mind. In addition, our hair like our psyche responds to both, physical and emotional stressors including underlying health deviations. Prevention along with early detection and appropriate hair loss treatment is often better than cure.

1.  Dry, Limp and Thin Hair

This may be an indicator of hypothyroidism. In some cases, there is hair loss on the eyebrows, especially in the outer third of the eyebrow.

2.  Scaly Patches on the Scalp

All scales or flakes falling from the scalp are not just simple dandruff. They could be much more than dandruff. It could indicate psoriasis, a common skin disorder. It occurs when the skin goes for a ‘toss’, sending out flawed signals that accelerate the growth of skin cells. The detection of psoriasis can help us prevent and treat it in early stages of the disease. It could prevent the complications like psoriatic arthritis where the joints get very painful and there are severe swelling and permanent deformities in worst cases.

3.  Overall Thinning Hair

It’s normal to shed about 50-100 hair per day. But when hair appears to be coming out in clumps, it is time for action. A job loss or love loss can cause such hair loss. Likewise, a bout of flu or fever, illnesses like jaundice, typhoid and malaria can cause hair loss. Most importantly, diabetes and hypertension can also cause such hairloss, much before they may be clinically diagnosed.

4.  Dry, Brittle, Lusterless Hair

This may be a sign of iron-deficiency anemia, which reportedly affects 60 percent of Indian women. In patients with hypothyroid and Vitamin D3 deficiency hair and nails tend to break easily.

5.  Patchy Hair Loss

This kind of hair loss can be a sign of autoimmune disorders, early-onset diabetes and thyroid disease.

6.  Grey Hair

This is no red signal to be concerned that you are getting to look old too early. It is a sign of stress, depression or emotional anguish. However diffuse grey hair at a young age may be indicative of thyroid problems and Vitamin B deficiency.

Homeopathy for hair loss control

  • Homeopathic medicines for hairfall like Ferrum –Phos and Calcarea- Phos help immensely in Iron-deficiency anemia.
  • Hair lotions available in market to control hair loss are very high in chemicals and can cause chemical burns on the scalp skin leading to permanent hairloss and scars in the affected areas. Homeopathic medicine for hairloss has no such side-effects as the medicines are oral medicines.
  • Homeopathy is a holistic medicine and treats the patient as well as the disease. Hair loss and iron-deficiency anemia can be treated with Homoeopathy without having 10 different medicines unlike conventional medicines.
  • Homeopathy is a mind-body medicine. Homeopathy treats not only the physical complaints, but also targets the mind and gently restores mind-body equilibrium- thus it treats the patient as a whole. This makes homeopathy an excellent solution for hair problems related to the mind such as stress induced massive hair shedding.
  • Patchy hairloss can be treated with homeopathy very effectively.