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What causes white discharge in women?

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 Dr Batra’s™  July 7, 2020

If you are a woman past puberty, you may have noticed a white discharge that seems to come and go each month. If you’re sexually active, you may have worried that it’s a sign of an infection (and it could be). If not, you’ve probably wondered what the heck is going on.

We will tell you right away. A healthy vagina has an acidic environment that prevents unhealthy bacteria from thriving. In addition, vagina produces secretions to cleanse itself and regulate its environment. These secretions are considered normal and healthy and are often compared to how saliva is secreted in the mouth to cleanse it and maintain a moist and healthy environment. Every woman has vaginal secretions. But what causes white discharge?

Most of the time, vaginal discharge is perfectly normal. However, the discharge may differ in amount, odor, and consistency, depending on various causes of leucorrhoea or white discharge. Yes, leucorrhoea, it’s a women disorder! Leucorrhoea is a thick, whitish or yellowish vaginal discharge. It is the most commonly experienced condition of women of reproductive age and can be caused by:

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  • Emotional stress
  • Nutritional imbalance in the body
  • Usage of certain medications such as birth control pills
  • Sexual arousal or excitement
  • Pregnancy
  • Ovulation
  • Infections of the vaginal tract.

Once you observe that your vaginal discharge is uncommon in appearance, a visit to the doctor is a must. If it is left untreated or ignored for a long time, leucorrhoea can become a chronic condition or severe infection. Other complications of leucorrhoea include spontaneous abortion or miscarriage, pre-term birth, endometriosis, cervical erosion, scarring of the fallopian tube, difficulties in becoming pregnant, persistent and long-term pain in the lower abdomen.

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Treatment of Leucorrhoea

Treatment options vary due to the wide variety of white discharge causes. In some cases, the leucorrhoea may resolve itself, but if the condition worsens or changes, a medical professional should be consulted.

In cases of inflammation or infection, your doctor may prescribe you medication to reduce symptoms and kill bacteria or calm the tissue. Antibiotics use, however, may lead to antibiotic-resistant bacteria in your body and also disturb the good and bad bacterial balance.

Conventional treatment of leucorrhoea does nothing to correct the hormonal imbalance which is one of the main white discharge causes. Furthermore, they do not work with your immune system to keep recurrences at bay as they indiscriminately kill the bacteria that your immune system should be killing with great discretion.

You can go for a more holistic way of dealing with the disorder by taking homeopathy leucorrhoea treatment. Homeopathy believes in addressing and treating the root white discharge causes.

Homeopathy potentially works by maintaining the hormonal balance and boosting your body’s immune system to overcome the infection. The medicine helps to control infections, ease the distressing complaints, delay recurrence and prevent complications. The doctors guide methods to correct vaginal care in order to prevent repeated infections.

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