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Urinary Tract Infections - FAQs

I am a 50-year-old woman with recurring UTIs. Off late, I have stopped responding to the antibiotics. Is there any cure for this?

Altered vaginal flora due to decreased oestrogen makes menopausal women more prone to UTIs. Simultaneously, you seem to have developed resistance to antibiotics. Homeopathy, with its multi-factorial approach, can help treat the underlying cause. Along with the treatment, our doctors will provide self-care tips to minimise your suffering.

My 14-year-old daughter refuses to urinate in school and, as a result, she has reduced her fluid intake. Can it lead to UTI?

Yes, there is a high possibility that she will contract UTIs, if she continues to withhold urine for long periods of time.

My father has been bedridden since a month and has lost control over his urination. He has to use diapers, but has recently developed resistant UTI. Please help.

It is a common occurrence with the use of diapers. Fortunately, scientific studies have proved that homeopathy helps achieve effective results in treating such patients. For better results, it is necessary to start treatment early.

I am diabetic since 10 years, which is well under control. Yet, I suffer from UTI thrice a year. How effective would homeopathic treatment be?

For a diabetic, getting urinary infection thrice a year is an indication of chronic complaints. You must not ignore your symptoms of UTI, or it could lead to further complications. Homeopathy will help you minimize recurrence and prevent dependency on antibiotics. It is safe and has no side-effects, and will keep your sugar levels in check.


Myths and facts

  1. Swimming in a pool causes recurrent UTI.
    There is no correlation between swimming pools and developing UTIs.
  2. Cranberry juice helps prevent and treat UTI.
    It can help to some extent; however, medical treatment would still be necessary.
  3. Sitting on an unhygienic toilet seat causes UTI.
    UTIs are cause by bacterial infections and cannot be contracted from a toilet seat.
  4. Drinking less water causes UTI.
    Drinking less water is not a reason for infection, but if you are already suffering from urinary tract infection, it can further complicate your condition.