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Urinary Incontinence - Symptoms

Urinary incontinence can be present in any of the following forms:

Stress incontinence: leaking caused by sudden pressure while coughing, sneezing, exercising, dancing and swimming.

Urge incontinence:

  • sensitive or overactive bladder
  • the urge arises even with a small quantity of urine in the bladder
  • increased frequency, more than 8 to 10 times a day
  • urge to urinate even at the thought or sound of water
  • certain medications causing an urge of incontinence

Overflow incontinence: dribbling urine when the bladder fails to empty properly.

It is possible to have one or all combinations of the aforementioned symptoms.


Physical complications:

  • skin disease such as rash, boils and infections due to skin irritation
  • recurrent urinary tract infections and fever
  • obesity due to lack of exercise
  • unpleasant urine odour from the body
  • hygiene problems
  • disturbed sleep

Emotional complications:

  • low self-image
  • emotional and social isolation – avoiding social gatherings and outings with the family
  • relationship issues between partners
  • depression because of an impaired quality of life