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Tonsillitis - Treatment

Homeopathic medicines effectively provide relief from the symptoms of tonsillitis. International studies show that children who take homeopathic treatment for tonsillitis are less prone to regular infections, are less dependent on anti-biotics and have better attendance at school.

Homeopathic medicines are individually selected based on the child's symptoms. They help with overcoming the pain and difficulty of acute tonsillitis attacks, and raise the child's immunity so that frequent tonsillitis attacks are avoided.

At Dr Batra’s™, we specialise in treating children disorders, including tonsillitis. The aim of treatment we provide is to reduce the number of attacks and increase the child's immunity so that the child becomes less prone to infections. Our treatment does not include any bitter pills, injections or tonsil surgeries. Hence, young children comply easily with our treatment. Our doctors monitor the child's progress based on international treatment protocols and aim at providing long-lasting relief.

In the past 35 years at Dr Batra’s™, we have successfully treated thousands of children with different health issues, achieving a 96.8% patient satisfaction rate.

Treatment approach at Dr Batra’sTM:

Step 1: First Consultation - Our doctor will do a physical examination of the child’s throat followed by inspection of the ears and nose, as these may also be sites of infection. Next, he will gently start feeling (palpating) the child's neck to check for swollen glands (lymph nodes) and analyze breathing pattern of the child.

Step 2: Medical Diagnosis – Throat swab test might be performed. For this, the doctor rubs a sterile swab over the back of your child's throat to get a sample of secretions. The sample will be checked in the clinic or in a lab for presence of streptococcal bacteria.

Step 3: Personalized Treatment – Depending on the evaluation and diagnosis made, natural homeopathic medicines are suggested that will help provide relief.

Step 4: Advice on nutrition – Our doctors also consult you on right nutrition that you can provide your child, which will help us achieve better treatment results. Also, you can follow some home care tips to provide quick relief to the child.

  • Encourage rest. Let your child get plenty of sleep.

  • Give him adequate fluids. Give your child plenty of water to keep his or her throat moist and prevent dehydration.

  • Prepare a saltwater gargle. If your child can gargle, a saltwater gargle of 1 teaspoon of table salt to 8 ounces (237 milliliters) of warm water can help soothe a sore throat.

  • Avoid irritants. Keep your home free from cigarette smoke and cleaning products that can irritate the throat.

Why Dr Batra's ™?

Largest network of qualified homeopathic doctors

At Batra’s™, we have one of the largest networks of homeopathic doctors in the world with over 350 homeopaths practicing globally.

Our homeopaths are medically qualified and have completed a 5 ½ years degree course in homeopathy that includes medicine, surgery, gynaecology, anatomy, physiology, and psychology. We also have over 45 specialists MDs [Medicine in Homeopathy [M.D.(Hom)].

Customized treatment for every patient

We at Dr Batra's™ present you with holistic and personalized treatment. Our treatment extends beyond just physical symptoms, thereby correcting the deep seated emotional concerns of the patient, which in many cases are the cause of medical disorders.

E-medical records / cross referencing made easier

Centralized recording of data enables patients to consult our homeopaths in any of our clinics across the world. Cross referencing becomes much faster, thereby deriving better treatment results for patients through our past experience.