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Tonsillitis - Overview

Anyone with growing children or those who remember their childhood days will know of tonsillitis, an inflammation of the tonsils. Tonsils are balls of lymph tissue on both sides of the throat, above and behind the tongue. They act as filters, trapping germs that could otherwise enter the airways and cause infection. They also produce antibodies to fight infection. Tonsils can sometimes get inflamed when affected by bacteria or viruses; when they swell and get inflamed, it is known as tonsillitis.

Tonsillitis is common, especially among children. The condition can occur occasionally or frequently. When a person infected with bacteria or virus breathes, coughs or sneezes nearby, the infection can spread to others around through air droplets, causing tonsillitis. The main symptom of tonsillitis is sore throat. The throat and tonsils usually look red and swollen. The tonsils may have spots or pus that covers them completely or in patches. Fever is also common. Tonsils are normally large during childhood, but they can cause trouble when they get infected or grow too large.

Causes: Tonsillitis can be caused by viruses or through bacterial infection, though viruses are the most common cause of tonsillitis in children. Read more.

Symptoms: Sore throat, pain while swallowing, fever and an itchy throat or muffled voice are some of the common symptoms of tonsillitis. Read more.

Diagnosis: Diagnosis is based on a physical examination of the child’s throat followed by inspection of ears and nose. Read more.

Treatment approach at Dr Batra’s™:

Step 1: Our doctor will do a physical examination of the child’s throat followed by inspection of the ears and nose, as these may also be sites of infection. Next, he will gently start feeling (palpating) the child's neck to check for swollen glands (lymph nodes) and analyze breathing pattern of the child.

Step 2: Medical Diagnosis – Throat swab test might be performed. For this, the doctor rubs a sterile swab over the back of your child's throat to get a sample of secretions. The sample will be checked in the clinic or in a lab for presence of streptococcal bacteria.

Step 3: Personalized Treatment – Depending on the evaluation and diagnosis made, natural homeopathic medicines are suggested that will help provide relief.

Step 4: Advice on nutrition – Our doctors also consult you on right nutrition that you can provide your child, which will help us achieve better treatment results Read more.

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