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Lichen Planus – Diagnosis

Our doctors can mostly identify lichen planus based on visible signs & symptoms as well as your medical history. Additionally, we also use advanced technologies such as 3D imaging device and Dr Batra’s™ M.O.S.T for the analysis and evaluation of your skin condition and also to assess response to the treatment.

3D imaging device

  • Advanced optical technology developed by scientists at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
  • It allows skin to be viewed in 2 & 3 dimensions
  • It can show your response to our treatment in the lower layers of your skin much before it can be seen by the naked eye.

Dr Batra’s ™ M.O.S.T

  • Developed exclusively for Dr Batra’s™ by Austrian scientists after 4 years of research   
  • Helps our doctors to understand the progress of treatment for skin disorders
  • Helps measure the treatment outcome.