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Asthma - Treatment

Healing with homeopathy

Homeopathy does not treat asthma, but it treats a patient of asthma according to the specifics of his/her condition. This is because no two asthmatic individuals have the same symptoms.

Homeopathy also treats asthma on the presentation of symptoms peculiar to the individual plus what improves or aggravates the condition in relation to time, posture, movement and rest.

There was an interesting case of a sensitive child who was treated successfully with homeopathy. The child's asthma attacks coincided with his father's foreign trips and absence from home - this, we deduced, was triggered by feelings of separation anxiety. A few doses of Magnesia Carbonica 200C, a homeopathic remedy, which corresponds to such a symptom, were enough to make him feel all right and free him from asthmatic episodes.

The efficacy of homeopathy for asthma has similarly been proven through clinical research.

Why Dr Batra's™?

Treatment of asthma at Dr Batra's™ focuses on bringing down the intensity, frequency and duration of attacks; increasing the disease-free period and minimising the use of chemical drugs.

We use a holistic approach that includes understanding the emotional and physical concerns of patient like anxiety and fear, the loss of a loved one, etc. Conditions like change of weather, allergy to pollens and dust, etc., are also considered before suggesting an appropriate remedy. Natural medicines are given to help reduce spasms of the respiratory tract and build overall body immunity. Homeopathic medicines also improve breathing capacity which can be measured by peak flow meter.

At Dr Batra’s™, we have treated respiratory ailments including asthma with a 96.3% success rate (as authenticated by American Quality Assessors)

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