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Psoriasis makes me feel hopeless
Psoriasis makes me feel hopeless

Psoriasis makes me feel hopeless

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 Dr Batra’s™  July 7, 2020

Do you know of a disease that ranks as high as cancer in terms of its negative impact on the quality of life? It is a chronic skin condition called psoriasis.

Psoriasis not only disfigures your skin physically but also affects people emotionally and psychologically.  Over a 100 million people who suffer from psoriasis struggle every day to avoid embarrassment at home and work.  No wonder it makes people feel hopeless. Are you one of them? 

Not just a skin condition

Psoriasis disease is often visible, unlike other health conditions. This often takes a toll on patient’s mood, his self-confidence, career, social life and even his relationships. A recent survey conducted revealed that psoriasis has negative impact on relationships in 43% of all patients. Around 23% of patients who suffer from psoriasis are made fun of at work and 25% suffer from anxiety and depression. Psoriasis can also affect the joints causing psoriatic arthritis that impacts life negatively, as it interferes in routine functions. Psoriasis patients are twice as likely to have suicidal thoughts. 

Stress is a common trigger for psoriasis and also living with psoriasis can result in more stress, which in turn can lead to a new flare up. The same processes that trigger inflammation in psoriasis are being estimated to create changes in the brain that affect emotional states.

Furthermore, coping mechanisms such as avoiding social interactions, over-eating and alcohol or drug abuse are often sought by the patients and further cause damage to their health. Unsuccessful treatment attempts can also lead to further depression and anxiety. These psycho-social impacts can consequently and depressingly affect the disease.

Psoriasis treatment

The psoriasis treatment should focus on not only treating the damage it causes to the skin but also the damage that it causes to the psyche of the patient. The burden of disease ranges from physical pain, psychological distress and social discrimination. Therefore, people with psoriasis must receive a holistic treatment that takes care of all these aspects. Homeopathic treatment for psoriasis is therefore an ideal treatment that treats patients holistically.

To conclude, psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that impacts not only the skin but also has a substantial impact on life. Homeopathy treats psoriasis effectively without any side-effects. Within one month of taking homeopathic treatment for psoriasis at Dr Batra’s™, the patients found significant changes. For long-lasting results, they continued taking homeopathy medicine for psoriasis.