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Wed 05, Oct 2016

A self-help book on hair care released by Dr Akshay Batra in Kochi

Authored by Dr Akshay Batra, Past President of The Trichological Society of London & Managing Director and Vice Chairman, Dr Batra's® Group of Companies

Book released in Malayalam by DC publishing


Kochi, March 31, 2016: “Hair: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know”, a National Best Seller, written by Dr Akshay Batra, a well-known trichologist from The Trichological Society of London and Managing Director and Vice Chairman of Dr Batra's Group of Companies, was launched in Malyalam here today. Translated, published and distributed by DC Books, the book talks about ‘hair care' with an intention to be a one-stop-guide to making informed decisions about hair.

In this self-help book, Dr Akshay Batra through a balance of research-based and experiential information, provides practical solutions and responsible advice for common and not so common hair ailments. The book is packed with easy everyday do's and don'ts to follow, grooming and styling tips to practise, and the most reliable remedies for hair problems including hair loss and premature balding.

Speaking on the book launch Dr Akshay Batra said, “We are very excited to release this book in Malayalam today; through my experience as a tricologist I have seen that hair has a significant medical connect. By looking at hair, one can diagnose many diseases, which may otherwise go unnoticed, such as heart disease, PCOD, diabetes, thyroid and anaemia. Diabetes can be found out in a hair test before it can be found out in a blood test. Also, people have a lot of misconceptions when it comes to hair care and thus it was important to release a credible and scientifically proven book on hair care that would provide readers a simple yet valuable expert tips on good hair maintenance”

The book features the findings of a survey conducted among 4000 people at Dr Batra's to find out how they feel about hair. The results illustrate the importance people bestow to their hair and also how far they would go to retain and take care of it. According to some of the findings, a whopping 81% of women and 76% of men prefer alternative medicine for their hair loss as opposed to conventional medicine, over 70% of respondents believe bald men look 5-10 years older than their age, 85% of all respondents believe that hair is the most important aspect of their appearance and over 80% feel that baldness would affect their self-esteem and interestingly, men spend a higher amount of money, every month, looking after their hair than women ' some as high as Rs.10,000!

Apart from Malayalam, the book is also available in Gujarati and English.

On the occasion of the book launch, Dr Batra's® is offering free hair consultation and computerized hair test to all customers in Kochi from 31st March 2016 to 30th April 2016. Dr Batra's® has two clinics in Kochi. For more information visit or call +91 9167791677


About Dr Akshay Batra

A fourth-generation doctor and third-generation homeopath, Dr Akshay Batra began his career at Dr Batra's Positive Health Clinic in 2001 as a trainee doctor and has since been scaling great heights every year. His proficiency in Trichology ' the scientific study of hair and scalp ' has solved the problems of many people.

Among numerous achievements, he is India's first Trichologist at The Trichological Society of London. He is also the youngest, first-ever non-UK-based Trichologist to receive the prestigious Robert Olding Award for outstanding achievement and personal endeavour in Trichology.

Dr Akshay Batra played an instrumental role in launching Dr Batra's B Perfect ' an aesthetic day care procedure centre that also does hair transplant surgeries. He is the Director of Dr Batra's Positive Health Products Ltd. Their lifestyle products have steadily gained popularity for excellent quality and a natural base. Previously, he has served in various capacities as CEO, Deputy Managing Director and Executive Director at Dr Batra's Positive Health Clinic, acting as a key business driver in the organization.

About Dr Batra's®

Dr Batra's® Health Care Group was founded by Dr. Mukesh Batra in 1982 in Mumbai. The Group today is the leading Homoeopathic healthcare corporate, having 225 clinics across 122 cities with presence in India, Dubai and London. In 2009, the company introduced Aesthetic Services through its flagship brand Dr Batra's Aesthetic Solutions Pvt. Ltd. The aesthetic solutions arm of Dr Batra's offers wide services ranging from hair transplant, obesity solutions, to an array of skincare solutions.

The brand has also made significant progress and development in personal and healthcare products under its well established division Dr Batra's Positive Health Products Pvt. Ltd.  This marks a phenomenal contribution by Dr Batra's due to its individualized treatment and care to over 10 lakh patients across the globe, including 3 lakh hair patients and 1 lakh skin patients.

Dr Batra's Cyber Clinic ( has been listed in the Limca Book of Records (Editions 2004 and 2005) for becoming the first-ever cyber clinic to offer online consultation to over 4.5 lakh patients every year. It has also launched the world's first tele-homoeopathy clinic which enables real-time multi-location connectivity. The brand is the only Homeopathic Most Trusted No. 1 Ranked Brand by The Brand Trust Report ' India Study 2013, and feted as a Power Brand for the year 2012 by Planman Media. Dr Batra's is the world's first homoeopathic healthcare corporate to receive the much-coveted ISO 9001-2008 Certification. Moreover the brand is well known as a philanthropic work for underprivileged sections of the society to get free treatment.

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