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Mon 21, Dec 2009

Homeopathy treats the source, not just effect

Homeopathy treats the source, not just effect

Pain is subjective, a symbol of agony. It has several implications. Most people use painkillers to crush pain at the speed of thought. Interestingly, only a few of us realise that pain is the body's inner violin — one that moans about a problem originating from somewhere deep inside.

The intensity of pain is usually related to the type and/or stage of an illness, or disease. There are, however, some conditions that progress silently without causing any distress. Most medical systems suppress pain; they don't remove it from the ‘root.' Homeopathy treats the cause — the origin of pain. This is quite the opposite of using painkillers, which may sometimes mask the underlying blueprint of the disease. Even when the pain recedes, no one can tell whether or not the illness, or its pathology, is really getting better. In patients with arthritis, musculoskeletal disease, or headache, painkillers may conceal the symptoms of a ‘potent' danger, lurking somewhere in the body. Picture this: some malarial, typhoid or infective hepatitis patients are diagnosed long after the illness has set in. These individuals sometimes display warped signs and symptoms, because painkillers may ‘block' the apparent symptoms. This may increase the risk of complications — because, when a diagnosis is made the illness could have advanced. Homeopathy is a major shift in treating illnesses. It aims at arresting, reversing, or retarding the progress of disease — not merely the outward ‘removal' of pain.

It's suggested that many of us, who habitually ‘gulp' painkillers, may be prone to drug-induced illnesses. Homeopathic medicines don't cause such effects. They are safe, gentle, infinitesimally small in dosage — even when administered to infants, pregnant women, or the aged. Homeopaths are more than just physicians. They bring to their healing art and science a gentle touch — mild medicinal stimulation for the body to correct itself. To heal the problem from the inside-out. Besides, homeopathy advocates defensive treatment through appropriate preventative medicines, dietary and lifestyle changes, to bring the right balance, or perspective, to life. Homeopathy treats the source, not just the effect of disease, or pain. If this isn't keeping the problem ‘wolf' from the door, safely and gently, what is?