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Mon 12, Jan 2009

Homeopathy Faces Down Pigmentation

Homeopathy Faces Down Pigmentation.

For millions of people skin pigmentation or discoloration becomes the cause of emotional distress and embarrassment. There are more than 100 types of pigment disorders and they occur more frequently in hairy than in bony prominences of the skin.

If your body makes too much melanin (a substance that gives colour to your skin) your skin gets darker or hyperpigmented. Common manifestations of hyperpigmentation include sunspots, freckles, “acne spots” and melasma (pregnancy mask).

If your body makes too little melanin, your skin gets lighter or hypo-pigmented. Common skin conditions that present as hypo-pigmentation are pre-vitiligo, post-inflammatory hypo-pigmentation, and fungal infection.

Vitiligo or white patches is an auto-immune disease that is aggravated by emotional stress. Conventional treatments for vitiligo include topical applications, light therapy and surgery. Not every treatment works. Side effects vary from severe blistering to skin cancer. Nor is surgery necessarily successful as patches can continue to spread.

Instead homeopathy offers excellent results without any side effects. Homeopathic medicines help to build immunity and combat stress in order to control the rate of spread of new patches and treat the existing ones. Success is broadly dependant on duration and the extent of spread. Early diagnosis and intervention improves the chances of recovery so instead of a last resort, homeopathy should be treated as a first choice.

20 year Sarita came to us with a faint white patch on her arm which could have been a trivial fungal infection or then, vitiligo. Sarita was supposed to get married within the year so her parents were most worried. Examination revealed that the patch became much more pronounced under the Woods Lamp leading us to confirm it as vitiligo and prescribe Arsenic sulphum flavum. When after three months her parents thought they saw no improvement, we showed them the patch under the Woods Lamp which revealed evidence of re-pigmentation which was not visible to the naked eye. It was the right diagnosis that led to the right remedy which led to Sarita's total recovery.

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