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Tue 08, Dec 2009



Crash weight loss programmes may help you lose weight in the short run, but can cause irreparable harm to your body in the long term


OBESITY has increased by almost 15% in the last decade making it almost an epidemic and a major health concern. It is considered to be a chronic disease like hypertension or dia-betes that leads to many serious long-term health consequences. Clinical studies have revealed a direct connection between dia-betes and obesity, especially in women. Obesity is the accumulation of excess fat in the body and is defined as having a body mass index (EMI) of 30 or more. The BMI is a measure of the weight in relation to the height. It is different from being over-weight, which means weighing too much. The weight may come from muscle, bone, fat or due to water retention. Women tend to gain more weight than men because of a lesser muscle mass and greater adipose tissue. Muscles burn more calories than any other tissues; therefore, men use more calories even at rest.

Apart from genetic factors and sedentary lifestyle, weight gain can be due to underlying hormonal disturbances such as thyroid problems or can be associated with other eating disorders. such as binge eating or bulimia. Obese people tend to suffer from a negative body image as compared with others. Repeated failure to lose weight can lead to a decrease in one's confidence levels. Also, conventional weight loss programmes are known to give rise to several side effects. Improved body image has a direct impact on a person's self-esteem. It is therefore important for an obese person to learn to love himself or herself and to lead a healthy lifestyle, not emphasizing on weight loss as the only measure of good health.

Dr. Batra's Homeopathic Clinic FZ-LLC can help to lose weight the safe way, the homoeopathic way. Crash weight loss pro-grams may help you lose weight in the short run, but can cause irreparable harm to your body in the long term. Most of the times, the weight only comes back with a vengeance. On the other hand, Homoeopathy offers a safe, long lasting, and holistic solution. Homoeopathic-medicines are composed of natural elements in minuscule doses and therefore have absolutely no side effects. International research shows that homoeopathic medicines are extremely effective in reducing weight as they help to burn calories faster by speeding up the metabolic rate. Losing weight is no longer about looking good but being healthy. Homoeopathy helps in doing so by causing weight loss ratio-nally as well as by maintaining a good healthy life. Treatment for obesity includes various modalities such as certain dietary restrictions, regular physical activity, behavioural counselling, and homoeopathic-medications but getting one's priorities right is important in weight management. Setting a primary target of reducing 10 per cent of the initial body weight is advisable. This itself will produce a dramatic change and lead to a significant reduction in the risk. Being determined to keep the weight off for a long time is important.

Homoeopathy can effectively treat the underlying causes for obesity without side-effects. It has been found that a number of people with psychological stress and emotional insecurity tend to overeat. A well-chosen homoeopathic remedy, taking these factors into consideration, can help to bring the abnormally increased appetite back to normal by altering the emotional responses, which could be causing it. After homeopathic medication, you will notice that your gain in weight will be arrested. Homoeopathic medicines like Fucus Vesiculosus and Phytolacca Berry can help to reduce weight by increasing the metabolic rate.

A person who desires to lose weight should reduce the intake of high-calorie foods, especially fatty items and sweets. A balanced, healthy diet, including a variety of vegetables and fruits along with preferably wholegrain cereals and pulses, is recommended. While complex carbohydrates, such as unpolished rice, whole-wheat, oatmeal, etc. may constitute about 50% of the diet, proteins like lean meat, poul-try, fish, eggs, nuts, or legumes should com-prise nearly 25% of the meal. Polyunsatu-rated fats and omega 3 fatty acids (e.g. corn, safflower, and soybean oils, flaxseed oil, fatty fish) are recommended. Trans and saturated fats like hydrogenated oil and ghee should be avoided. Intake of refined sugars and salt should be reduced. Drink-ing at least eight glasses of water everyday is a must.

A diet rich in vitamins and minerals is beneficial in order to reduce oxidative stress. Food that is rich in fibre is recommended. Walking for 45 minutes daily at a comfortable pace will also help to burn calories whilst also increasing the overall blood circulation of the body.

Following this regimen along with ho-meopathic treatment can not only help to shed excess weight but can also improve the overall health of the person and build immunity. The entire process is gradual and therefore, the shedding of weight is not temporary and is hence not regained immediately on stopping treatment. The biggest advantage is that the patient is fit all along, without any weakness or lowered immunity.

Dr. Mukesh Batra

(The author is founder & CMD, Dr. Batras' Posi-tive Health Clinic Pvt. Ltd.)