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Mon 20, Jul 2009

Dr. Batra’s to launch products in hair and skin treatment

Mumbai: World famous Homeopath Dr. Mukesh Batra is looking at the rising opportunities in hair-treatment and transplant category and planning to launch the products of same.

Sensing growth opportunities in the hair-treatment and transplant category, leading homeopathic healthcare player, Dr Batras' Positive Health Clinic, plans to launch more products in this category this year, a top official said.

"Hair and skin ailments get us the maximum patients.

We would also introduce more hair-care and skin-care products like psoriasis cream and sunscreen, among others, to provide complete treatment to our patients", Dr. Batras' Positive Health Clinic Private Limited's Founder and Chairman and Managing Director, Dr. Mukesh Batra, told PTI.

"Currently, we offer six hair-care and two skin-care products. The plan in the next one year is to add two more hair-care and eight skin-care products", Batra said.

In the hair-care category, the company offers products like shampoos, conditioners, hair therapy oil and in the skin care category it offers face wash and hand wash products.

Dr. Batra's is also recruiting personnel from other product companies as it is launching more hair-care and skin-care products.

The homeopathic institution also feels that India is fast emerging as a low-cost remedy for hair loss, hair treatment and hair transplant surgery.

"India is fast emerging as a low-cost remedy centre for hair loss, hair treatment and hair transplant surgery.

Indian hair transplant business is estimated at USD 10.3- million. Among other metros, Bangalore is estimated to generate more than USD 1-million," Batra said.

By the age of 35, 40 per cent of Indian men and 35 per cent of Indian women have significant baldness. In the last 3 years, hair transplants have gone up by 25 per cent in India and today more men are opting for transplants than women, he said.

Dr. Batra also said that the global hair transplant business is estimated at USD 1.2-billion and 7, 00,000 patients worldwide per year are estimated to visit a hair transplant surgeon.

Talking about hair fall, Dr. Batra said, "Hair fall can be an indicator of various diseases. Nearly 60 per cent Indian women lose hair due to low iron levels. Also, balding patterns have been changing significantly with more and more youngsters getting affected."

The homeopathic institution this month opened its first clinic in Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) spread across 2,617 sq ft at an investment of Rs 2.5-crore.

Talking about future plans, Dr. Batra said, We plan to further expand our global footprint to newer and high-potential markets which are untapped so far like the UK, Singapore and Thailand, among others.

The homeopathic institution treats lakhs of patients every year for chronic diseases including asthma, diabetes, attention deficit disorder and a gamut of male, female and children related problems besides treatment for hair and skin diseases.

The institution has a chain of 53 clinics, spread across 18 cities in India and abroad comprising 300 highly qualified, full-time doctors.