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Mon 27, Aug 2007

Dr Batra's plans cream, oils range - Medicated Creams, Hair oils and Massage oils

Dr Batra's Health Clinic has identified its FMCG business as one of its growth drivers. The company plans to launch skincare and haircare products like medicated creams, moisturisers, lotions as well as hair oils and massage oils by end of this year. Initially these would be available across its clinics. Depending on demand, these could also be sold through distributors and retailers.

The company had earlier launched three variants in shampoos and conditioner in the market but withdrew them due to intense competition.

Encouraged by recent survey reports indicating more than 30 per cent of users in the country has faith in homeopathy, Dr Batra's aims to highlight the absence of side-effects to push sales.

Bindu Sharma, executive director and head of medical services of Dr Batra's, said, “Having gained on the expertise in hair and skin treatment, we plan to stick to these categories as of now for FMCG products.”

With its newer product categories, the idea is to build on innovation and market segmentation.

“The clinic would concentrate on value-addition to push sales and segment the market according to specific needs like a skincare and haircare range with medicated products that help reduce problems such as white spots, scales, acne or hairfall,” Sharma said.

She added, “We have not decided on the prices as of now, but all our skincare and haircare products would be competitively priced.”

At present, the company manufactures products at a factory in Mumbai and it would increase capacity there for newer product categories.

Dr Batra's would also expand its clinics chain from 54 now across 16 cities to a total of 63 clinics by this year. Dr Batra's provides treatment for diseases including asthma, diabetes, PCOD, attention deficit disorder and a gamut of male, female and children related problems besides treatments for hair and skin diseases.