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Thu 04, Sep 2003

Dr Batra's unveils new products - Nationwide launch of Dr Batra's Shampoos and Conditioner

Dr Batras' Positive Health Products Ltd (DBPHPL) has announced the nationwide launch of Dr Batra's shampoos and conditioner to promote healthy hair and control hair loss. India's synonymous homeopath, Dr Mukesh Batra, has launched the first hair care products to be formulated by a doctor heading one of the world's largest hair treatment clinics.

The shampoos are available in two variants - for normal hair with henna, and for anti-dandruff with aloe vera, while the conditioner contains Indian gooseberry or amla. Dr Batra's shampoos also have the desired pH balance of the scalp, i.e. 6.5, which helps retain protein essential for hair growth and prevents foreign bacteria from growing and damaging the scalp.

Research by Dr Batra's revealed a 100-per cent increase in hair problems in the last five years. People are balding earlier in life, and the commonest external causes are mental stress, environmental conditions, and frequent use of harsh shampoos.

Having successfully treated 35,000-plus patients for various hair problems over the last three decades, both the medical and cosmetic aspects of the patient's hair, Dr Batra's found lacunae among existing brands. Says Batra, who is the chairman and managing director of DBPHPL: We are using our decades of expertise in treating hair patients to develop and formulate products to not only supplement our homeopathic hair therapy, but also provide mild yet effective quality hair care products to the masses.

Dr Batra's shampoo for normal hair uses henna as an active ingredient, which enhances the natural color of the hair, gives volume, bounce and shine, softens and rebuilds dull hair, and repairs split ends.

The anti-dandruff shampoo uses aloe vera, which eliminates dandruff and regenerates the scalp, promoting hair growth. It penetrates the hair shaft strengthening the roots, giving bounce and luster to the hair. Aloe vera also helps removes brittleness of hair due to sunlight.

Dr. Batra's conditioner uses amla, the oldest and natural hair conditioner, which promotes stronger, healthier new hair growth. Amla is also known for its high vitamin C content, which stops and reverses abnormal hair loss.

All the products are available at Rs 59 for 100 ml and Rs 115 for 250 ml at leading retails outlets in India's top 11 cities and by end-September 2003 will be available in 33 cities across the country.