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Male Patterned Baldness: Causes and Treatments
Male Patterned Baldness: Causes and Treatments

Male Patterned Baldness: Causes and Treatments

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 Dr Batra’s™  July 7, 2020

This is a very common query all men suffering from baldness keep enquiring about.

Male Patterned Baldness type of hairloss is primarily a result of excess male hormone (testosterone). Sounds a little technical but put simply, Testosterone + 5 Alpha Reductase (an enzyme) gets converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a major cause of hairloss in men.

DHT shrinks the hair follicle. The hair follicle therefore, gets smaller and finer. This is referred to as miniaturization (male patterned baldness), because of which hair eventually falls off.DHT reduces the growing phase and extends the resting phase of hair. DHT also increases the oil from oil glands to be produced in excess, so even if you are washing your hair daily it gets oily and sticky by the end of the day.

Hair follicles, which are most sensitive to DHT, are located in the front and top portion of the head. This area is most prone to hair loss. In due course, such hair follicles stop producing new hair, leading to baldness. The horse-shoe shaped area covering the back and sides of the head has hair follicles that are not sensitive to the effects of DHT.

Hereditary factors, hormones, stress, chemical treatments, mismanagement of hair, dandruff, smoking, lack of sleep are known triggering for hair loss.

Homoeopathy a natural DHT Inhibitor

It has been clinically proven that two homoeopathic remedies, Thuja Occidentalis and Sabal Serrulata are both DHT- blockers and inhibitors.

These homoeopathic remedies have the therapeutic ability to block the synthesis of DHT, at the molecular level and thus help to prevent and treat ‘DHT-engineered” hairloss and from the ‘Root.’

Homeopathy is free from any side-effects. Not only do homoeopathic medicines reduce hairloss but they also protect the body from harmful side-effects (such as decreased libido, ejaculation problems) that are common with conventional drugs given for DHT control.

Hair lotions available in market to control hair loss are very high in chemicals and can cause a chemical burns on the scalp skin leading to permanent hairloss and scars in the affected areas. Homoeopathy has no such side-effects as the medicines are oral medicines.