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Homeopathy helps treat hair loss in women
Homeopathy helps treat hair loss in women

Homeopathy helps treat hair loss in women

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 Dr Batra’s™  July 7, 2020

You thought only men get worried about hair loss? The reality differs. There are nearly 20 million women across the world suffering from it. In fact, hair loss in women has a greater impact on them because it's less socially acceptable for women to lose hair. It not only affects their looks but also severely damages their psychological health and self-confidence. Worst – It affects their relationships & careers too. Did you know?

  • 40 per cent of women with hair loss have marital problems, and
  • 63 per cent women report of career-related problems.

Hair loss is usually perceived as a cosmetic problem and therefore women generally try to cover their hair loss by cosmetic procedures. They try several salon treatments or change their hair styles to hide the widening partition. Hair loss however is a medical problem and needs medical treatment. It is caused due to 40 different causes including medical disorders like anemia, thyroid, diabetes, ovarian cysts (PCOS), menopause or childbirth, and oral contraceptive pills.  

Around 60% of women in India, who complain of hair loss, suffer from iron-deficiency anaemia. Over 50 per cent of women going through menopause experience significant hair loss and 1 in every 5 women who come to our clinics for hair loss treatment has PCOS.

Just think about it. How will your parlour treatment treat these medical disorders?

It is important here to note that hair is just a manifestation of what is happening in our internal system, and hence hair loss is only a mirror of what could be not so right happening within our bodies. 

Homeopathy can be your best bet for hair fall, as it is an individualized treatment. What it means is that every woman suffering from hair fall is given a different medicine, which is specific to her. 

 For example, Ferrum phos 6x can be prescribed to women who suffer from hair loss due to anemia, Sepia is recommended for those who suffer from hair loss post delivery, for women who lose hair due to polycystic ovarian syndrome, Apis mellifica 6d works well and for patients who lose hair due to hereditary problems, Thuja may be recommended. International clinical studies have proven that Thuja is a natural DHT-inhibitor. DHT is the hormone that triggers hair loss.

So be wiser in which treatment you select for your hair loss. The best is the one that actually treats the cause of your hair loss without causing any side-effects. Homeopathic medicines for hair loss are not only effective in treating female hair loss but are also natural and safe. Because homeopathy treats the underlying cause of hair loss, it provides long lasting results.