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Hair loss a crisis of vanity and sanity in ladies

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 Dr Batra’s™  July 7, 2020

Our hair looks best while it is on our head – not on the floor, not in our comb, not on our pillow, not under the table, not on the chair we sit on and certainly not in our food. Alas, if only our hair could understand that!

Hair has symbolized a woman’s beauty since time immemorial. History and ancient texts can give accounts of various instances in which women’s hair had been cut as a form of punishment to them. Our own culture has witnessed the practice of having the hair of a woman whose husband passed away shaved off in an attempt to make her less beautiful. Long story short, hair is very important to a woman.

In such a scenario, one can only imagine how the bane of hair loss would affect women. If you go to see, hair does no major function in our body. It’s not like our survival depends on how good our hair is. And yet you’ll be surprised by just how much hair loss can affect women. 

Implications of Hair Loss on Women

A Blow on Self-Confidence:

A woman’s hair is closely bound to her sense of self. It affects the way she sees herself and also the way others see her. Possessing good and healthy hair is an added spec of confidence for women. On the contrary, women suffering from hair loss may feel less attractive, invariably affecting their self-confidence.  

Small Talk, Big Worry:

Whether we like it or not, we live in a society which constantly judges us based on our physical appearances. Women suffering from hair loss often feel they don’t look up to the mark and tend to either avoid social interactions or limit them as far as possible.

Giving Women A Run For Money:

No doubt the educational qualification of a person is the primary consideration in the selection process of an organization. However, the market today is highly competitive and a person’s physical appearance ends up having a significant impact on the selection process. Especially when we take into consideration jobs in which a person’s physical appearance plays an important role like the hospitality industry, modeling, acting, and so on. In such a scenario, good, well-set beautiful locks of hair can work in one’s favour. On the contrary, for women suffering from hair loss, this can be an added point of worry.

Young No More:

Hair has always been seen as a sign of youthfulness and hair loss is generally associated with advancing age.  However, with hair loss raising its ugly head even among the young, the struggle has become very real. Women suffering with hair loss face the inadvertent fear of looking older than they actually are, invariably affecting how they see themselves.

Mounting Stress, Dismounting Hair:

Increased stress leads to hair loss. Increased hair loss leads to more stress. Quite a cycle, huh? There are enough and more studies done on the effect of stress on your hair and it is not pretty. But in many cases, hair fall control is one of the things women stress most about.  And we all know how that one ends – more hair loss.

Looking at all these reasons, it is quite clear that hair is WAY more than just a tough protein, especially for women. We try all those dadima ke nuskhe, tips by fashionistas on social media and the tidbits of information we gather from people around us to keep our locks healthy. But we take forever to do what our hair requires the most. Most of us don’t realize that hair loss in many cases can be reflective of underlying medical problems like changes in thyroid levels, PCOD, hormonal changes and nutrient deficiencies to name a few. In such cases, no matter how many different hair loss treatments  you may try on your own, chances are there would be no reduction in the hair loss. Hence, it is important to seek medical attention if you feel your hair loss is abnormally high.

Homeopathic Treatment For Hair Loss

Homeopathy works very well for hair fall treatment as it is natural, safe and free of side-effects. A good homeopath can help identify the cause of hair loss and treat the underlying conditions as well. This is because unlike allopathy, where only the condition is treated, homeopathy goes to the root cause of an ailment and aims to treat that to ensure complete wellbeing of a person.

Ladies, don’t ignore hair loss. Treat it before it gets too late to ensure the hair on your head stays on your head.