Let's understand homeopathy better

Erection - (e-rec-shun)

The transformation of the penis from a flaccid organ to a firm, turgid structure due to the dilatation of blood vessels therein

Estrogen - (es-tro-gen)

A female hormone produced by the ovaries

Exacerbation - (ex-asser-bay-shun)

aggravation, worsening

Fatigue - (fa-tigue)

A condition characterised by lessened capacity for work, weariness and tiredness

Fertility - (fer-til-i-ty)

The state of being fertile and capable of producing offspring

Fissure - (fi-sher)

A tear in the skin of the anus, resulting in the painful passage of stools

Flare up - (fler-up)

Intensify suddenly

Flu - (flu)

An acute and highly contagious viral disease causing a high body temperature (fever)

Folliscope - (Fo-lli-s-cope)

Also called Phototrichogram, a system for hair and scalp analysis using a high definition microscopic camera and exclusive software

Gangrene - (Gang-rene)

The localised death of living cells (from infection or interruption of blood supply)


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