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Get a white paper on white patches

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 Dr Batra’s™  July 7, 2020

“People stared at her. She was spotted.” – Lavanya Jena

So many people are attracted to beauty spots - a fancy name for skin moles. Beauty spots are formed when cells in the skin called melanocytes grow in a cluster rather than being spread across the skin. These spots are mostly dark in colour. Now melanocytes produce a pigment called melanin which gives our skin its colour. When these same melanocytes die or stop producing melanin it results in a skin condition called vitiligo wherein the skin loses its colour in patches or blotches. These patches are of a lighter tone.

Funny how the cells that give us spots that enhance our beauty are the same that give us spots that make us question our beauty!

What Causes These White Patches?

Vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder in which the immune system of your body becomes overactive and destroys the melanocytes. If we talk about the causes of vitiligo, it can be a result of some intensely stressful event experienced by a person, exposure to certain kinds of chemicals, any harm caused to the skin because of any critical sunburn or any virus that attacks the body. Apart from these, heredity can be an important cause of vitiligo.

There are so many pre-defined notions in our society when it comes to vitiligo. Wrong as many of them are, it is important to know what these myths are so one does not fall to them.

Myth Busters on Vitiligo

  • Touch Me Not!

It is common myth among people that vitiligo disease is contagious, which is why people tend to keep their distance.

Well it is neither infectious nor contagious. It is a disorder related to the immune system of a person and it CANNOT spread to another person.

  • Milk Is The Culprit

This myth may have risen from the completely unscientific comparison between the colour of the patches and well, the colour of milk.

All that glitters is not gold and all white products Do Not lead to vitiligo skin disease.

  • Punishment from the Almighty

You’ll always find this set of people who believe with all their heart that vitiligo is some form of a punishment from the heavens for wrongdoings.

If that was the case, every person in the world ought to have a white patch. We would’ve earned it for our treatment towards people suffering from vitiligo.

  • Reduced Capabilities

It is believed that a person suffering from vitiligo will have reduced abilities to carry out day-to-day activities.

Vitiligo is strictly limited to the skin and does not affect an individual’s physical or mental abilities in any way.

  • 101 Ways For Vitiligo Treatment

The babas of our society make tall claims about how rubbing certain oils or lotions or balms can act as a vitiligo cure.

What vitiligo disease needs is a proper, authentic and scientific medical treatment. One should only follow remedies suggested by your doctor when it comes to vitiligo treatment.

  • Vitiligo Goes Away By Itself

It is a myth that vitiligo should be left alone and that it will eventually go away by itself.

One couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, if left untreated there is also a possibility of the white patch spreading to other parts of the body. Thus one must seek medical attention when it comes to vitiligo.

  • Only People With Dark Skin Get Vitiligo

Another popular belief is that dark-skinned people are more likely to develop vitiligo disease.

Vitiligo can occur to people with any skin tone and belonging to any religion, caste, race, gender or ethnicity. As the patches are white in colour they are just more visible and noticeable on dark-skinned people.

  • Vitiligo Is Untreatable

The biggest myth about vitiligo is that it cannot be treated. This myth is responsible for making the people suffering from this ailment feel hopeless and helpless.

Vitiligo is very much treatable. It takes time but there are many proven medical scientific methods of vitiligo treatment.

The Sweet White Pills For White Patches

Among the few tested and scientific methods for Vitiligo treatment, homeopathy is by far the safest and the most natural medium to treat it. As compared to conventional medicines, homeopathic medicines for vitiligo provide lasting results and they are completely free of side-effects. Homeopathy works to fix the melanin destruction, trigger re-pigmentation and also helps correct the altered immune system response. This ensures that the disease does not recur, making it the best mode of treatment for vitiligo.

Irrespective of what medium one chooses, the sooner one starts treatment, the better and faster will be the recovery.

The hardest thing to do when one is faced with an ailment like vitiligo is to not lose hope. For the world to see it, first you need to see your worth. You need to understand and believe with all your heart that you are a lot more than the white patches on your skin.

After all, you have lost your colour, not your purpose.