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September 21, 2011

Pritish Nandy & Shabana Azmi inaugurate Dr. Mukesh Batra's book in Mumbai


Noted homeopath, Dr. Mukesh Batra regaled a select group of invitees with anecdotes from his 40 years of practice wherein he has treated Prime Ministers including Dr. Manmohan Singh, filmstars, singers and corporate heads at the launch of his practical, self-help book, Healing with Homeopathy, published by Jaico, at Crosswords, this afternoon.

Noted author, Pritish Nandy and actress Shabana Azmi were the chief guests; they expressed their trust in homeopathy at the launch event.

Dr. Mukesh Batra, India's most famous homeopath and founder of the world's largest chain of homeopathy clinics, shares his professional expertise to help you diagnose and find answers for common and not-so-common ailments.

A simple, user-friendly practical guide to holistic health, Healing with Homeopathy, deals deftly with over 100 illnesses arranged alphabetically from A-Z. Writing simply and clearly, Dr. Batra explains each condition, its symptoms and variations and what homeopathic remedy is likely to work best. Included are useful do's and don'ts as well as illustrative case studies, culled from over 35 years of medical practice.

An expert introduction to homeopathy and its application, Healing with Homeopathy, arms you with the knowledge and confidence to recognise and deal with a variety of health issues in the comfort of your own home.

Put simply, the book is an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to take charge of and manage their health safely, gently and without the fear of side-effects.

Speaking about the relevance of his book, Dr. Mukesh Batra said, “Forty years ago when I started practicing medicine, homeopathy was not well accepted either medically or socially. Today, WHO acknowledges it as the world’s second largest system of medicine, a system which is growing at a more rapid rate than allopathy. I have, in this book, drawn upon my over 35 years of clinical experience to provide safe and sure health solutions for over 100 different diseases. The aim of the book is to reach a maximum number of holistic health seekers with the benefits of homeopathy."

Adding on, Shabana Azmi said, "I believe in homeopathy. I have always admired the commendable work Dr. Mukesh Batra has been doing in healing people through homeopathy for many, many years. It is a privilege to launch his handy, self-help book on homeopathy for anyone and everyone who wants to take charge of their health in the comfort of their home."

Speaking on the occasion, Pritish Nandy said, “I have known Dr. Mukesh Batra as a doctor and writer for the past 25 years. I trust his healing skills…I have also known him for his intensity, passion and drive in helping and healing the sick. I am delighted to launch his must-read book, which prescribes simple and safe ways to get well soon. I recommend his multipurpose health guide for everyone, because it is as good as having a homeopathic doctor at home."