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 Dr Batra’s™  July 7, 2020

Summer is in full swing with its glorious sunshine, warm temperatures and ever-high humidity! It’s the perfect weather for – eczema.

Yes, you read it right. While eczema flare-ups can happen in all seasons, the flare-ups in summers are particularly infamous. Let’s look at how summers make this already bad skin condition worse.

Triggers Of Eczema In Summers

  1. Break A Sweat!

Sweat is our body’s natural response to cool down the excessive heat generated in our body. While our sweat is mostly water, there are many other components which are part of it like - calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, copper, zinc, chromium, iron, urea, lead and lactic acid (phew! Ever realized?). While the water in our sweat eventually evaporates, these remaining components can cause irritation to our skin and act as an eczema cause.  

  1. Temperature Outside Increasing The Temperature Inside

Excessive external heat increases our body temperature. To combat this, our body dilates the blood vessels in our skin. While this helps our body cool-off, it also attracts inflammatory cells to our skin at a much faster rate which can cause eczema. The heat also ends up increasing the severity of an itch.

  1. A Block In The Glands

Sweat glands are likely to get blocked during summer. This can lead to the formation of rashes, mostly on the back. They can be very itchy and if not treated well, the rashes can soon transform to eczema.

  1. Chlorine Alert

Excessive moisture can act as a trigger for eczema during summer. While swimming is a great way to cool-off during a dry spell, the moisture it leaves on the skin if one does not dry-off immediately as well as the chlorine in the pool water can cause irritation to the skin and can act as causes of eczema.

What Can I Do To Control Eczema Flare-Up In Summer?

  • Make water your best friend for summer. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself amply hydrated.
  • Skinny-fit and body-con clothes can wait a while. Loose-fitting, light clothes will be rewarding for your skin during summer.
  • Choose your hours. Avoid stepping out in the scorching heat whenever possible. Try to do your outdoor activities early in the morning or in the evening.
  • If you must step out, cover yourself well from the rays of the sun, especially the areas prone to eczema.
  • If swimming is your thing, you don’t need to give up on it for the fear of eczema skin disease. Just be sure to dry yourself as soon as you’re out of the water.
  • Sun block your way to block sunrays. Long hours in the summer sun may cause sunburns on your skin which can act as an eczema cause.
  • Stressing yourself will stress your skin as well. With the blazing sun outside keep your surroundings cool and your mind cooler.
  • Allergies can flare up eczema symptoms. Keep your allergy-control pills handy to control any possible reactions.

The Power of Homeopathy In The Treatment Of Eczema

Among the various mediums of treatment available, when it comes to eczema, homeopathy can work wonders. Other mediums end up treating only the current outbreak of eczema. Thus there remains a possibility of recurrence of the dreaded eczema skin disease. Now eczema can be caused due to stress, skin exposure to the sun, certain irritants, allergies or any other reasons. Homeopathy will identify this cause of eczema for each individual and treat it from the root so as to control its recurrence. Thus you don’t have to see its ugly face again and can confidently say this summer-

Dear eczema, let’s break up.