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Customized and advanced solution for hair loss
Customized and advanced solution for hair loss

Customized and advanced solution for hair loss at Dr Batra's clinic

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 Dr. Batra’s™  July 7, 2020

Society has always given a lot of importance to beauty and appearance, and hair plays a key role in the way we look. Hair loss has always been a big concern affecting many men and women.

The problem can be extremely stressful and needs a timely diagnosis and an effective treatment plan as hair loss is a condition that requires a personalized approach to the treatment. Because, there are around 40 different types of hair loss and various reasons responsible for triggering this condition. Therefore, in order to treat any form of hair loss, it is customary to find out the root cause of the disorder. This can be easily done by homeopathy.

Homeopathy is a natural treatment which uses medicines made from natural sources like plants and animals. The medicines suggested by homeopaths are given only after a thorough check-up of your physical as well as emotional well-being.

All the doctors at Dr Batra’s clinic offer a tailor-made solution for your hair loss problems. At your first consultation, the doctors will talk with you for around 30-45 minutes. They will try to understand the root cause of your disorder by asking questions related to your physical symptoms, medical history, lifestyle, prevalence of hair loss in your family and other stress factors that can lead to hair loss.

Then the doctors will conduct a video microscopy test, which magnifies the hair follicle and scalp up to 200 times. It helps them identify the condition and thickness of your hair strands, density of hair on the scalp as well as condition of your scalp. Based on all the details, a customized treatment plan is suggested to address your immediate as well as your long term needs.

The doctors may also recommend you a Hair vitalizing treatment (HVT), which is a US FDA approved non-invasive treatment that helps in increasing blood circulation to your scalp region. It is a supplementary treatment which is given along with homeopathy to make your hair strong and regain vitality. Number of sessions will be recommended by the doctor based on type and extent of your hair loss.

In addition, you will be provided with a right hair care regime including shampoos/conditioners you should use as per your hair texture, chemical procedures you can or cannot do and more importantly what kind of foods you should include in your daily diet. Therefore, the combination treatment provided at Dr Batra’s clinic will help you regain lost hair, increase volume and density of your hair and get long-lasting solution for all your hair loss problems.