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Cholecystitis (Gallstones) - Symptoms

  • The most common symptom of acute cholecystitis is abdominal pain that lasts for several hours. This pain is usually in the middle or right side of the upper abdomen. It may also spread to the right shoulder or back. Pain from acute cholecystitis can feel a sharp pain or dull cramps. It is often described as excruciating.
  • The condition is considered chronic when attacks of cholecystitis are repeated or prolonged.
  • Typically, the pain occurs after a meal.
  • Many patients complain of abdominal bloating.
  • In many cases, there is clay-coloured stool.
  • Nausea and vomiting are common symptoms.
  • Many patients suffer from fever and chills, too.
  • The skin and whites of the eyes tend to turn yellow.