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Cholecystitis (Gallstones) - FAQs

How common is cholecystitis or gallstones in teenagers?

It is very rare for a teenager to suffer from cholecystitis or gallstones. This tends to occur due to the following reasons:
  • major surgery
  • critical illnesses such as serious injuries, major burns and severe infections
  • intravenous feedings for a long time
  • fasting for a long duration
  • a deficiency in the immune system
  • in young children, perhaps, developed from a viral or another infection

Why do some people get jaundice when they have cholecystitis?

The gallbladder produces bile. When the organ is diseased or affected by stones, bile spreads to cells in the entire body instead of going into the stomach and intestines to help digest food. This leads to jaundice with cholecystitis.

Will drinking liquor make my cholecystitis/gallstones flare up?

Yes, alcohol will irritate your gallstones; it is one of the main causes of gallbladder infection-related pain. The gall bladder is linked to the pancreas, and alcohol can adversely affect the pancreas as well.

Why does rapid weight loss sometimes cause cholecystitis?

Any change in eating habits (diet) is going to disturb your digestive tract. This disturbance may cause change in the concentration of various constituents of bile juice in the gallbladder, leading to stone formation.

What foods should be avoided when someone has cholecystitis?

Stay away from foods that are high in fat and very greasy. The gallbladder releases bile that breaks down fat. If you have cholecystitis, this will agitate it even more.

My wife is five weeks pregnant, and she has a history of gallstones. How likely is she to develop cholecystitis?

Pregnancy increases the chances developing cholecystitis. Doctors try to control the pain with medicines, diet, etc., to avoid surgery.

Will I have to go through surgery if I am taking homeopathy for my gallstones?

If the size of your stone is big, and your pain attacks are severe and recurrent, you may have to undergo surgery. Homeopathy usually helps when the size of the stone is small and inflammation is not very severe.