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Jul 25, 2009

Life was miserable for 23-year-old Sumeet who was suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Describing his state as 'miserable', Sumeet (name changed), all of 23 years, pleaded 'I am dying, please save me'. He had been suffering from ...
Dec 5, 2012

Homeopathy treatment not only cured his deep vein thrombosis, but also helped him enjoy life to the fullest.

39-year-old Girish (name changed) visited the clinic with complaints of severe pain in the calf muscles, swelling of the right lower limb and purpuric...
Dec 8, 2012

Homeopathy treatment cured dengue, bestowing her with overall wellbeing.

45-year-old Manju (name changed) came to us two years ago with symptoms of bronchial asthma. After two years of treatment, her health showed vast...
Jul 25, 2009

Troubled with urticaria for five years, this young lady finally resorted to homeopathy.

She had taken all kind of treatments - allopathic, homeopathy, ayurvedic - but 24-year-old electronic engineer Aditi Aryan (name changed) got no relief...
Dec 8, 2012

Homeopathy treatment not only cured congenital epidermolysis bullosa, but gave a fresh life to the newborn.

A young couple, Mr and Mrs Syed (name changed), came to Dr Batra's™ Thane clinic carrying their 25-day-old male child in a thin muslin cloth. The child...


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